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Years ago I started this blog with a mindset and goals that I have found have changed direction over time. I am excited to say that this blog has a new name.....Nest Feathers and Twine. I hope you come by and visit often. Feel free to get comfortable and kick off your shoes and join me on this journey of metamorphosis.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I survived the ROOT CANAL

Boy am I glad it is over! I had a few complications because my body is not normal, and if I was a dog they would have me put to sleep, but ahhhhhhh it is over and done with! Now the fun part is I get a boo-boo-be-better present! Yeah! It is tradition in our house that whenever you have a doctor appointment that results in getting or fixing a boo-boo, the boo-booee gets a present! My hubby said he was going to treat me to some really expensive turquoise graduated tear drop beads............I have not made jewelry in awhile and this would be a good reason to play with my beads again!

I want to thank you Denise M. for talking tonight.......It took my mind off the pain! As always, I have a great time talking, and I did most of it tonight....sorry......even a root canal doesn't shut me up!

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JUST ME said...

Glad that it went at least kind of well.... At least now it's over. Hope you will be feeling 100% soon.


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