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Years ago I started this blog with a mindset and goals that I have found have changed direction over time. I am excited to say that this blog has a new name.....Nest Feathers and Twine. I hope you come by and visit often. Feel free to get comfortable and kick off your shoes and join me on this journey of metamorphosis.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

meteor shower

last night bill and i sat outside to watch the meteor shower........he was soooo exhausted from not sleeping well all week, and i think as much as the extra money would help out we both secretly were glad he did not get asked to work overtime this weekend. we both sat ourselves down, and wiggled into a comfortable position, each using one chair to sit on and one to prop our tired legs upon.

in my world of being hearing impaired, it has its disadvantages, but it has one beautiful advantage......when i have my hearing aids in, the sounds of the outdoors are like bold colors from an artists palate that are each thrown on to a canvas, when i remove my hearing aids the sounds of the crickets, frogs, and the occasional owls, coyotes, turkeys, neighborhood dogs, cars, all become beautifully blended, one into the other, all of them becoming muted colors of their former selves and it becomes the most beautiful symphony of sound that seems to almost immediatly erase all of stress of the day and make you feel at peace down to the deepest, darkest places of your soul.

so here we sat, bill falls asleep almost as soon as he get comfortable, i poke him and tell him how uncomfortable he looks, and being his wonderfully sweet self says he wants to be outside with me and he is just fine, then begins to snore. we came out at 10:45, the peak for the shower is between 1am and 4 am......., i am bound and determined to see as many shooting stars as i can.........the first 45 minutes go by and and i start thinking that maybe the meteor shower we saw 2 weeks ago that was not listed as a 2006 shower on any websites schedule was it.....afterall these things do not have calendars and watches, maybe it came early, and maybe we should just pack it in and go is kind of chilly, i am tired, bill is all crunched up in his chair setup, and my rls (restless leg syndrome) is acting up pretty bad and it actually feeling quite painful at times.........and as usual....i gotta pee......again.........then i decide i will wait just a bit longer, afterall the peak times to watch are from 1 - 4 i go in and get a blanket and come back out, i look up to the sky and say quietly to myself ' if both of these businesses i am starting up are going to be as successful as everyone thinks and i hope please send me a sign God and send me just 1 shooting star'........... within minutes i see 2 of them! until 12:30 we see only a couple more, and then my good friend denise calls, she and her hubby FINALLY got their power back, after it was out for 9 days, and the storm that caused everyone to lose power also, they discover, killed their air conditioner........what a letdown for them, but at least they have electricity now for fans, so now the horrid heat can be she and i talk about our day, and at the end of the conversation she says 'i hope you get to see lots of your shooting stars' and i agree and we hang up. with that i look up and i see one, two, three........ten......eleven......twelve...over the next hour. what a wonderful friend's wish was heard by the heavens. every time i see a shooting star it takes my breath away, just as if it was the first one i had ever seen. i think of just how small we are in comparison to this event, and what a spectacular thing it is to witness such a wonderfully big thing. i am a science geek at heart after all. when you think of the journey that meteor has made through our universe, how many bazillions of miles and light years it has traveled, its size, and that we are witnessing its' death as it burns up entering our atmosphere.

after that things slowed a bit and i dozed off here and there and finally decided to pack it in, afterall we have a busy day ahead, and i am SLEEPING IN, after a full week of max being back in school! so i am off to start a day of searching for just the right stuff to put together to sell, and tonight i will sit outside again and hopefully get to watch another one of the universe's beautiful light shows.

Monday, July 24, 2006

ok, i am back again!

ok, well today i am starting to settle back into a routine, max has officially started his first full week back to school..........he is already a 5th grader! my baby is so grown up.......oh, twinge of ache in the overies......they are saying we still have eggs in here.........i keep saying they are past their freshness date.........i don't think i really could do the baby thing anymore anyway.....i am loving the independence one starts getting back as the children get anyway, where was i.....

so, routine is working its nasty little self back in our lives with max back in school, the computer is running smoothly still, knock on wood and i am working reading emails and blog hop-ing back into my morning. oh part of me already misses the informality that summer break brings..... no schedules, timetables, homework, projects.........we are all night owls, we stay up late, watch the stars, sleep late.........but, a part of me was missing routine, my alone time. i always thought of myself as one who hated with every fiber of my being the feeling of being alone, but i find i love being my own person, doing my own thing....i crave it by summers end.....

so today i am working on cleaning up what my daughter say looks like an art supply store that blew up in my living room.........ha ha!

by this time in the next week or two, or when the oldest 2 kids return to school i will have 2 more websites up and for me to sell my art on, and the other a collaborative between me, my hubby and good friends of our as we begin to sell kits and gatherings of pieces and bits to create art with! i am so excited! i can not wait, and for the first time i feel no self doubt or fear, and i feel like a little girl counting down the days til christmas.....not knowing what awaits m ,but knowing it is good, all good!

well, now i am off to fix the disaster of a living room so that i have room to start dumping the clean laundry on that backed up because i had no room to empty the clean clothes basket onto because the stuff was so piled up in the living room......did that make sense?

there will be pics of new art coming soon........i have to take it all one step at a time, cross off each item on my list before starting on the next.....oh that is soooo hard for me. uploading new pics is about 10 items down on the if i can find a way to add about 23 and a half more hours to the day i should be able to upload by wednesday or thursday...........


a couple of hours ago i sat down, typed a nice little hi there how ya doin', hit the freaking publish button and poof.........everything i had typed disappeared! oh, i swear!

ok, i am going to breathe in, breathe out, and find my happy back in a minute..........breathe, breathe............whoosaaaaaaa.....ok.....

as soon as i can afford it....which i hope is in a month or two i may have to go typepad! anyone out there ever have any problems with them? i think i am going to start typing an entry, publish and then go back and add and republish so that this does not happen seems like it happens all of the time! ok, i am better now!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

hey there......remember me?

ok....yikes did not realize just how long it had been since i had posted until this past weekend! yikes!

well, some parts of life are still all blahhhhhh, but we are adjusting to said blahhhhh......

so far everyone has survived family togetherness during summer break.....barely......i have only threatened to duct tape the kids to the inside of their closets a few times so far.......why can't they just leave each other A L O N E ! how hard is it really.......? most days it kinda sounds like this......

steph.....morning are you? are you sweetie?
steph....oh fine....
me.......are the boys still sleeping..........
steph.....yup...wanna sneak in the pool before they wake up
me.....of course!!!!
sam......stop it max
max...stop what...i did not do anything
sam....yes you did and i am telling mmmmmooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm.......max________ (insert: hitted me, poked me, touched me, spit on me, looked at me, breathed on me, put his gross disgusting smelly pig feet on me.......etc, etc, etc......)
me.......max leave your broth.....
max.....i did not do anything to him alone!
max.....but i did not do it and besides he did it to me first
sam....did not
max....did too
sam....did not dork
max....did too dorkity dork
sam....did too smelly underwear boy super dork he said i have smelly underwear
sam....well you do, and you need to change them cuz you got skid marks
max......mommmmmmmm sam said i have.....
mom....will both of you stop it now or i am taking you to walmart and putting a free to good home sign around both of your necks!
max......skid marks and i don't cuz i changed 'em last night......
me.....boys get along now or i am sending you both out to clean up dog poo in the yard with your bare hands.......and madalyn got into the trash last night and you ought to see what she left in the yard.........
steph....max and sam shut up you are giving me a headache steph said shut up poo in the yard or get along.........
me.....well, what is it gonna be is mean.....
me.....yes i am and at the mean mommy academy i got an a+ in super mean mommy class!
max....hey sam...wanna play a video game
sam....yeah sure.....dork
max....bigger butt dork
sam....i get to play first got to play first last time...thats not fair....mommmmmmmmm
me.......warm, gooey, smelly dog poo.................
max.....ok sam you can go first....geez mom is crabby......

someday i am actually going to miss this! ha! geez! add in a daughter with att-it-tude and what a fun house this is! i am very lucky because i have really sweet wonderful kids, or so i keep telling my self! i do really. really i do..........yup, i do........

so anyway, the youngest goes back to school this week, the other two have almost a month.......then 3 weeks after they go back the youngest is already on cycle break........ughhhhhhhhhhh!

ok, so i am looking forward to some me time, can ya tell!

well, i have had lots of stuff going on this summer....trying to get a 'business' going selling my art, jewelry, etc and a joint venture with a really good friend, trying to fit in housework, artwork, exercise, yardwork, yadda yadda yadda, oh yeah, and a little sleep here and there. we have had some pretty annoying computer problems for almost 2 months.....partially thanks to my oldest sons friend who came over and spent the night and without our permission made himself at home on our computer and we ended up with a virus. the kid was strange, i really don't like most other peoples kids! it blows my mind at their bad manners, if they have any at all!

we were given an english is anything ever really free!? ha! she was 11 months old, we have had her for a month.....omg what a riot she is! you ought to hear her version of howling.........and of course like every other animal in this house she brought with her 'issues' and health problems....but she is so funny! pictures coming soon.........i have not yet scanned anything or uploaded any photos from this computer yet! i may wait until will and denise come over again and will can be here in case i make the computer smoke and burn! i have learned how to burn cd's, and will installed a dvd player so now i can watch movies on my computer in my studio while i art........ohhhhhh i love it! my honey got me surround sound speakers!

i am trying to get us all back on a normal people schedule. i hate this! i actually have ancestors that came from transylvania, so i joke that i am part vampire......ha ha ha ha ha.....just the sleep during the day live by night part.....not the grody suck-your-blood part.....ewwww, totally! the kids and i all seem to function better and feel better during the evening so during summer months we stay up until the wee hours of the morn' and sleep late, well, they do at least. i get up and enjoy the peace and quiet!

well, i have tons more to say, but i can hardly keep my eyes open....a couple hours in the pool with 3 kids can poop you out! tonight we swam until 10 pm! i hate coming in to the air conditioning soaking wet.....i am getting to old for this! my hubby and i still need to fit in our annual nakey swimming.....can't call it skinny dipping cause their aint nothin' skinny about it, but we have done it every year.....the kids found out about it this year and it grossed them out! oh, i love it..........and i am rambling again......i can never just say see ya later and shut up! so, anyway just wanted to say hi, and will post pics of all the neat art i have done over the last couple of months in the next couple of days or so! i am going to blog surf, i have not done that in a couple of months..........okay i am shutting up now......ok i am for real.........

Quote for the moment

"Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

Harriet Beecher Stowe

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