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Years ago I started this blog with a mindset and goals that I have found have changed direction over time. I am excited to say that this blog has a new name.....Nest Feathers and Twine. I hope you come by and visit often. Feel free to get comfortable and kick off your shoes and join me on this journey of metamorphosis.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Flower child style..........

I have said several times when I write, that when I am creating, I am also learning more and more about myself. I grew up being forced to fit in a box, shoved in that box, I am not square, I am...................hmmmmm......... flower every time I got shoved in the box I just naturally popped out of it. I did not do it to be bad, I wasn't a rebel....with or without a cause.....I like to make people happy. I think there are lots more flowers out there, but like I was in the not so distant past, people are afraid to not fit in the box so they do stuff to look like they fit in that box, and they break off their petals. I often look at the world and think we have to many rules! I mean rules about stupid stuff.............think about many people fold their socks and underwear..........not me! How stupid is it to fold these darn things.......think of how much time you spend doing this over a years time......and if you are worried about wrinkly socks and tighty whiteys or granny have a wonderful life then, wanna trade worries? If you wear thongs.....honey you aint got enough material there for even 1 wrinkle! (and by the way, it blows my mind, the thought of wearing something that it meant to give you a wedgy......I have spent my whole life trying to keep from getting a wedgy.....sorry just a thought) If you have kids you know all it takes is 1 time they open a drawer and all of that folding and organization has gone to waste......I had a neighbor who before she left to go out of town actually spent 2 hours at least running around refolding her kids stuff in their drawers in case her family looked while they were taking care of her house .............When I was growing up and had to fold clothes after school that was such a BIG deal, folding the gosh darn underwear the right I guess some form of subliminal retaliation I use to put them on our dog first (not mine, though!) and let him wear them and then I folded them, either that or I just did it because it was funny to watch a Schnauzer walk around in mom and dads underwear........folding the underwear is a 'box' thing, and throwing it in a drawer is a flower now you know why I brought up the underwear issues.........ewwww, and did I just get too comfortable here and give out a TMI? I am starting to feel more comfortable here now that I have been writing more. Hmmmmm, maybe I let those petals out a bit too much?

Okay, okay, I got off track here a little, a price I pay for naturally blondish hair I guess........I am the reason they write the blonds jokes! here I go I was just going through proof reading what I wrote on my previous three, or was it four entries......and I just realized what style my art is..........FLOWER CHILD STYLE... that's what I am gonna call it at least. When I looked at the pieces that weren't me......they were all neat and measured and precise, and with a bit of cute thrown in, they were that 'box' I always popped out of.........when I look at my stuff it is what I use to call 'messy' style, where there are things and stuff hanging out, things are ripped or torn, intentionally uneven, not measured precisely. I like my stuff to have a worn and used up because it was so loved look, a vintage look, but gawd not too much sepia and brown......give me a bit of color. puhleaseeeeee! So, okay I am going to shut up now, and go create in my studio, and temporarily and gently try to make my petals fit in the box..........I love to teach and have missed doing it, even if it was boring insurance rules and regulations, I love to teach and can not wait to do my demos.........and I love to grow and stretch and challenge myself.....but I think it is now going to be easier since I just figured out another piece of my puzzle..........there are still many pieces of my puzzle I need to find and figure out where they go, but I now have 1 more big piece I have found, and it fits next to the last piece of me I found......this feels good, and I can not wait when the puzzle is put together......I think I am gonna like the picture I see..........


JUST ME said...


I am reading and reading your new entries...........I loved the book thingy with the car. If you would ever need to talk you know what my e-mail is okay........ Just thought I would let you know
You take care

Becky said...

Christine-You are working so hard- You will get to the other side. Trust me. At some point, all this crap will hardly matter-I have walked in your shoes. I did not have to fold the undies but there were other things sooo, I know where you are coming from- Toss those undies with abandon. Actually, I had this friend, and her Mother used to IRON the father's undershirts in one of those wringer things! Either the maid would do it or the mother would. Can you imagine! Lord!

ntuart said...

becky girl.........the notes you leave on my blog always make me smile.........thanx.....:)

consider the undies tossed!

(my mom actually use to iron her underwear! my iron is more of a decorative piece at my house! ha!)

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