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Friday, September 23, 2005

The Foolish Virgin, and the guy who is full of......

My offering for this past Wednesday's ATC meet up. I have not been putting these on for some silly reason. I have to go back and do that!

My friend Denise M. gave me this really old book last weekend called the Foolish Virgin. As soon as I saw the title the wheels of creativity were spinning! This ATC is just a small piece of a large picture of a wedding party. The guy pictured looks like he has just fed the girl a line of _____! Ever meet one of those guys at a party? Get asked out by what you thought was the guy of your dreams? And then they say......'I'll love you forever....' Yeah, right! The girl in the picture looks to me like she is dreaming of being the future Mrs. Whatever his name is, the wedding, the house with the picket fence, 2.2 kids and a dog! He looks like he's got plans, but the look on his face says they don't involve a wedding in the near future! Couldn't you just smack the smirk off his face!? Posted by Picasa


Becky said...

I am sort of worried that he married her and on the blessed honeymoon nite, put the pillow over her head! In terms of IQ-I would give him at least a 70!

NeraK said...

I say, that is a concern! I think it's a scary proposition no matter what. I'm still single and in my mid-30's and men like this are a dime a dozen and it's alarming how many there are, hence my singleness. Ahhh, for a decent man who truely means what he says and can follow through! Rare, but they do exist... my sister found one... *sighs*... I found your blog by accident and I enjoy the design of it greatly! Keep up the wonderful work!
-waiting for my prince in new england- (unless that ship comes in first! ha!)

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