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Saturday, May 14, 2011

she battled the beast, he got nailed, prince max received his crown, sam wore fancy pants to a dance, and steph got us there and back

the beast....i live with the beast everyday.

some days it is naughty very little, most days it is with me every step of way.

this past week it has been acting up horribly bad.

the beast, vertigo, has been oh-so-naughty this week.  this arty girl has to sleep at about a 45* angle to help keep the beast from settling in.  sunday night i had a good...terrific....wonderful  nights sleep and when that happens i find myself not-so-much in a 45* angle...oh and it feels oh-so-wonderful to be lying flat......i managed to slide down my hilly pile-o-pillows and found myself face-planted drooling  and sheet faced at the bottom of the pile...and did i mention how wonderful it feels to be lying

(there will never, ever, ever be a photo of what that looks like!  blanket and sheet crinkles on the face, bed head, poofy eyes....not pretty)

my plans to get to work with some of the new additions to my bead collection...downstairs in my studio were not to happen since i nearly had to crawl my way to the a change of plans was in order. 

i did this for the first time...and loved it.   very simple easy....but very time consuming. 

steph and i plan to make some of these to add to our etsy shop.  i still have 2 or 3 more strands for the necklace....maybe 4....i like the layers.  maybe a wrap bracelet.  then i need to figure out how i will hold them all together and add the clasp.

i love, love, love these bright happy colors.....and they will go great with these....

i got these for mother's day last year.....ohhhh  here are the beautiful flowers i got for this year's mother's day

the smell from these pink tulips and blue-y purple-y irisssss was wonderful.  i intended to put them on the kitchen table...but i loved breathing them in from my bedside table, and so that is just where they stayed...specially since i was in bed for the first couple of days of the week.

monday evening i could not wait for my hubby to get home from work....most days i am good on my own, fighting the beast, but this eve i needed him...and bad.  this was one of those few times i had surrendered and wanted him here to hold me and help me feel better.  

monday evening we ended up taking care of each other.

while using a nail gun at work he got nailed.  the gun double fired with one pull of the trigger due to a nail stuck in the doohicky muhbob thingy and so one nail went where it was suppose to and the other shot through the wood and nailed his finger to the board. his finger off the board and nail.....luckily the bone in his finger stopped the 2 inch nail from going through his finger completely.......owie....icky....bad.....yuck.

last year he did this

he ended up with a nice nail shaped hole in his finger, and for a couple of days it was tender, but no biggie.

this time though......

the boo-boo finger is the one of the left.....

this time his finger began to swell, and swell and the pain was waking him up at night.  so wednesday he headed back to the workers comp med center to have it looked at, again.  this time they took and xray and found sometime in the past he had fractured his finger, but not this time.  just a bad, mean, nasty infection. 

the meds they gave him treat infection....and anthrax.  1 big old pill at  night.  

and one of the side effects of this medicine.......GAS.  like the man needs any more of that.   they should have issued gas masks for the innocent with that prescription. 

thursday max had his permanent crown put on his front tooth. 

there are no before pictures....teeth give me the heebies.  wish i could have so that you could have seen what a wreck his mouth was before from his accident.  his other teeth were bonded.

max did let me take an after picture though can't even tell that just a month earlier he had come through the door with tooth dust all over his lips and other assorted bad stuff.

if you look real close you can see wittle mustachey hairs growing in...sniff sniff...on his wittle baby face.

the dentist's office has the neatest leather deck chairs.....i want.

these chairs were pretty  neat too, but i did not want to look too strange doing a photo shoot in the dentist's office.

the office is located in place called new town.  for years we have dreamt of moving here....i am not sure if we still do, only because just minutes away there is a rougher part of town and these residents have experienced a few issues.  but every time we drive through this mayberry-esque piece of heaven i fall in love again....

 of the lovlies in new town is one of several koi ponds.  after max was crowned we visited one of them.

beach vollyball outside the dentist's office

waterfall at the koi pond

  quite a few spiders have made their home there....

at christmas bill was still taller than max....max's new shoes do add a bit of height to him, but not much.  this was my smallest baby at just 9 lbs 8 oz and 2 weeks early at that....thank goodness....and it seems he will end up the biggest of the three of them.

 size 81/2 next to a size 15 1/2.

and the crane looks right......

then left.....

spies it's dinner swimming....

after plucking just the perfect size fish from the waters it flew across the lake to have dinner.

as we drove around new town and took a few pictures sam texted, a wee bit anxious to pick up his tux for prom.  so we left this little piece of heaven and headed home...

friday afternoon steph and i ran all over town running errands.  i have not been able to drive for years...i miss it so, sometimes.  but having a chauffeur....pretty awesome too.

it is so weird, my first born, my baby girl was driving me here, there, and everywhere.  it just blows my mind to look over and see her behind the wheel all grown up sometimes....

she is a very verbal driver.  i think it is genetic...

steph and i found this store in the mall...earthbound.....i fell in love with the clothes and purses.  they spoke to  my inner gypsy/boho-y/hippie girl.

we stopped by the only payless in the area that carries shoes in her size....11 - 12.  there is very little selection and it breaks my heart.   she pretty much has boxes for feet.   when we stopped at a specialty shop her feet actually measure as the 'e' key did not get stuck.  she has boxes for feet. 

she hates her daddy for it...but i keep trying to tell her it is my side of the family.  she has those sturdy  german feet from my side. 

sam...this boy marches to the beat of his own drum, and i love, love, love him dearly, but he is a bit of a nervous nelly and can drive me crazy.  once we were home with his new cell phone and tux in hand then we started up on a new round of crazies....getting ready, photographed and getting to emily's on time.....i found myself wishing for a dart gun and duct tape.  knock him out and tape his mouth shut....if only just for a minute. 

sounds bad, but we have been patiently getting through the week with him checking and double checking on just the whens and hows of it is just part of what makes him sam, and he is getting much better as he grows and matures. 

we took several photos before we left our house, and being quite the ham, sam is....

i had just told him he looked a bit like bond, james bond...we were all hoping he would keep his bit of facial scruff...but he went for the baby faced look for prom.....still my handsome boy. 

the ride over to emily's

aren't they just beautiful together.....

i think i love this one photo the best....they were all done being stiff and posey and now they were just relaxed and being themselves, walking up to emily's grandparents house for another round of photos. 

so sam was off at prom and the remaining 4 of us decided to run out to the mall to return a pair of shorts for max at old navy.  i love their clearance rack.  i know i was just complaining about winter, but i can not...almost...wait for chilly days again as i picked up a few sweaters that were 36 - 54 bucks for a mere 2.97 - 6.97.   i have a closet full of old navy cheepie bargains. 

as we were all getting ready to leave i looked up to see the most beautiful was heaven on earth to view the layers and layers of clouds and the colors. 

 my fav..............

so off i am to get ready.  we have to return the tux and go back to the phone store to solve an issue...i will go by the gypsy/boho-y/hippie girl store and drool over the neatest schtuff and hit up jo-annes for some more supplies of the flossie kind...then we start off on another week of adventure. 

have a wonderful weekend.  chat with you later.  smooches to ya.

Quote for the moment

"Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

Harriet Beecher Stowe

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