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Monday, January 04, 2010

today's check list

go through to 600+ photos on the camera and figure out what to delete and keep
upload photos from camera to computer
clean the big birds cages
clean the kitchen
clean bathrooms
finish putting up january decoration (yes i decorate almost as big for january as i do for christmas....i will explain later)

notice not one thing crossed of the list and it is 4:54 pm.  to make things worse i don't shower until the big bird cages are cleaned.  big birds make big poop. 

today i have been talking with my son, his friend and his friends dad about a girl that has caused more chaos than an f5 tornado in a china shop. 

long story short:

girl likes my son

girl tells my son they are dating

my son goes along with it  (keep in mind my son is just starting to go through puberty, hormones have not kicked in yet thankfully, so at this time i am worried more about the girls hormones!)

son's friend calls a few days later, good sweet kid so the rest is a shock.  son's friend (whose hormones are swinging in full gear)  calls and yells a string of curse words that throws us all for a loop.  informs son that girl has broken up with him because of something son said, but in the end find out it is a lie the friend said.   still with me?

son and his friend don't talk for 2 weeks

son and girl make nice and are friends

son and friend make nice and start hanging

friend and girl 'dating' this whole time

girl breaks up with friend

girl wants to start 'dating' my son again

girl calls son last night a bit before midnight.  girl and her mom are talking to son.....weird

mom of girl says friend told nasty lies about son to her

girl drops f bomb in front of mom.  girl is 13!
son asks if he can 'date' girl

me blown away these kids are 13!

me say no sound like cave lady....

something is way weird about girl and mom. my mom instincts have kicked in.

today friend calls

i have a talk with friend

friend did tell bad lies about son

i tell friend i will talk to his dad

friend's dad calls me, wow i am impressed

friend confesses lies to his dad

dad says they think something weird about girl and her instincts are right again

dad has talk with friend

son and friend are bud's again after they talk

son and friend now hanging

at this time i am relieved to have had conversation with my son's friend's dad.  the kid is a good kid who made a big bad mistake, but after talking with the dad i know he comes from good people.  the dad went above and beyond in our conversation. 

next stop meet with the girl and mom, just so that i can confirm my own feelings.  being hearing impaired for the majority of my life has given me a precious gift.  the ability to size someone up by watching their facial expressions and body language.  i am about 99% accurate.

son's last 'girlfriend' broke up with him at school a few months ago, the day she broke up with him she had a hickey from another of his friends.  but later she broke up with son's friend for another girl.  yup. 

makes me wonder what is going on in my son's head.  2 different friends have gone out with 2 different girls he was 'going out' with.  this is all making my head spin.  what is it doing to his i wonder?

i use to think when my babies were babies that it was so hard.  make sure they don't get into something that could hurt them, stick things in their mouths, run into the street.

little did i know just how easy it really was back then.

being the mom of teenagers is scary.  making sure your teenagers are good people that stay out of the big troubles in life and knowing just when to let them make their own mistakes is the hardest job i have ever had, but it pays the best. 

thanks for letting me vent and babble.

maybe later i will get to that checklist.


Linda said...

I feel bad for you because it's just starting. 9th and 10th grade are the hardest on poor parents because that's when the kids are their craziest.

Good luck with it.

Nest Feathers and Twine said...

i have been lucky with my two oldest so far. hoping that luck holds out on my youngest. i am so lucky i have got great kids! it's everybody elses i am worried about! so far the youngest has just been uber crabby just like his brother was at this age!

you sound like you speak from experience....

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