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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

meet our adopted baby boy

back in september i thought my old computer was finally fixed.  first thing i did was hit the blog to announce that we had adopted a baby boy that had been orphaned/abandoned. 

my plan was the next day to post pictures  so that everyone could meet him.

unfortunately my computer pooped out later that night and over the next couple of weeks i had spurts of internet connection but never enough to post pictures of our new boy.

my dear sweet hubby gave me a new laptop for christmas and once i was all hooked up i found that many  well wishers had written to congratulate us.

bert, the story behind is name is a long one, was found by the parents of a man my husband works with on their farm.   a friend of the family planned to kill bert assuming that he was abandoned  probably because the mother sensed there was something wrong.  the mother of my husbands co-worker took the baby in and began caring for him but when she found we had been wanting to adopt she was more that happy to let us take on the care of bert. 

bert is one of the sweetest babies, but he is also quite a handful at times.  but so worth it. 

meet bert;


Lille Diane said...

I'm sending a ransom note. I want your baby. He is so darn cute. He looks like my baby did when he was little. Love your blog & attitude. My boyfriend is as patient as your hubby. He will go to every garage sale I see, turn around for every piece of treasure I see on the curb or in a trash bin. We are blessed, aren't we?

Nest Feathers and Twine said...

thank you so much for leaving a comment lille! we are so blessed to have such wonderful guys in our lives, don't know where i would be without my guy!

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