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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

printers, pictures, kitty, and xanax, oh my!

hate xanax.  while test driving it the other night the 1st did nothing...maybe i just did not notice anything because i was already relaxed.  took a 2nd 7 hours later.  wow.  i crashed and burned and was passed out.  i woke up feeling exhausted the next morning and could not shake it all day.  last night i could not wait to get to bed and again passed out, xanax-less this time.  i had the most bizarre dreams.  w e i r d.  the one i remember the most details about was something like this:

i am me, but a police officer
i pull up along side an outer road on the highway to meet up with other
officers to search for a missing boy

pretty normal so far

i find the boy
a man dressed as an officer grabs me and the boy
takes me back to my patrol car with the boy
makes me and the boy sit in back
he sits in passenger front seat
mystery driver in front

intense but not too bad

next thing i know i am tearing into a  box of frozen  fried chicken
that the imposter's head is encased in?????

then i woke up

what was scary was this dream seemed like one of my pre-cog dreams.  i have them often, you can ask the hubs just how real these things turn out to be.  when we first started dating he wondered if i was as nutty as a bowl of frosted flakes when i told him about these dreams.  he soon learned i was not so least when it comes to the dreams.

so after back to back to back strange dreams i found i was very relieved when it was time to wake up. 

we seem to be passing some stomach bug around the house.  the boys have had it for several days, now steph and i seem to be getting a touch of it.  the good news is it just seems to make you feel like yak-ing, but you don't actually yak.

i made some changes to my blog and the photos on it, and i found a nature track with chirping birds and babbling brooks to play while visitors come to see what is new here on my blog.  ahhhhh, so peaceful, and spring-y.

steph and i are busy getting ready to supply our etsy shops due to open february 1st.  we are trying out new ideas and creating patterns.  it is very exciting and nerve racking at the same time. 

the nest feathers and twine shop at etsy will be stocked with things that make a house a home, and one of these things will be photography.  last night we bought a kodak printer and this evening we have been playing with it!  i love the quality of the prints.   i even made up large business cards......

lots of pretties printed off!

while bill and i set up the new printer, burt busied himself with box. 
he is just like a kid, he would rather play with a box than the toy that came in it. 

this box has kept burt entertained for hours.

so this arty girl has had a blast tonight and after i promised myself and the hubs that i would be to bed early i find myself still wide awake playing. 
even the puppies are baking like the little meatloafs they are in front of their space heater sound asleep.
so off to bed with me i suppose and hoping a night filled with normal dreams.

and yes, as i proof read what i had just typed i realized i had misspelled bert's name throughout this whole thing.  thank goodness the cat can't read...

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