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Friday, January 08, 2010

ready for spring

ok, it has snowed.  every year i enter the season of winter kicking and screaming.   it is colder here than what it has been in 11 years.  i am done.
i have borrowed photos from my daughters file.  in protest of even acknowledging winter's presence i refused to step outside to snap my own photos.  my daughter loves this stuff. 

my youngest son could not wait until morning to play in the fluffy white stuff.  once we learned school was cancelled the party was on and at 1 in the morning he and his sister went out in front to celebrate.
at least he had the common sense to wear a jacket, shoes and gloves with his boxer shorts.

as a toddler we would catch him in the snow buck naked.

enough snow.  enough cold. 
i am ready for spring.

this arty girl is heading down to her woman cave to do some spring cleaning so she can make art to pass the time.

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