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Friday, February 03, 2006

~Studio Friday~ by accident

i have created lots of stuff by accident, an even mixture of good and bad.........i still save the bad stuff in hopes that someday it will be work in something someway.

the background for these atc size papers was one of the good accidents.

i needed a a background for my halloween atcs for a local group, see above photo of finished atc (which by the way is cute, and i normally don't do cute......)

i wanted something to look like the perfect halloween/autumn sky just as the sun was slipping below the horizon, leaving a glowing reminder of its warmth. i grabbed some cardstock, a metal tray and my black and orange pearl-ex/hairspray mix and began to spray first what would be the back of the atc, then flipped it over and sprayed what was to be the front. i was not real excited what the front looked like, so i flipped it back over to the back to try playing some more and was surprised to find what had happened in the process. the accumulation of hairspray and pealex on the tray helped create the patterns as the paper was lifted up! i loved it so much i played around with a few other color combinations! by the end of the day though i was a little sick of the smell of hair spray! Posted by Picasa

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Apples said...

Looks good to me!:)

Joy Eliz said...

Very Cool!

nancy said...

Really neat effect. How do you mix the hair spray & pearl ex?

ntuart said...

i buy the small travel size of hair spray and mix anywhere from a teaspoon to a bit more than a tablespoon of pearl ex. depending on the amount of color you want. this is a great alternative to twinkling h20's....but i love those too!

lindaharre said...

Great effect! I am going to try it.....Linda:-)

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