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Monday, February 13, 2006

my baby boy.........

10 years ago today my last baby was his brother and sister he almost left this world before he was officially here, with severe problems that could have killed us both a few hours before he was born, he was my smallest weighing in at 9pounds 8 ounces and just a bit more the 2 weeks early.

where did the time go, how did he grow up so fast.........i just can not believe it.

today we went ahead with our traditional birthday skip school day to go shopping for birthday gifts......he was still a bit sick but you sure can't tell from these pics!

10 years ago i looked into his newborn eyes and saw an old who had walked this earth many times, he would be my ball of fire.
i was right.....i also guessed he would be the one who would end up tattooed and/or pierced, and so far he has lived up to the pierced part......if it would up to him his diamond looking c.z. bling bling thang would be the size of his head, but he mama made him settle for something a bit more respectable in size. the tattoo thing, thank goodness does not interest him now, and that, if he ever decides to do will have to come after he graduates school. he has a very strong sense of style, but it is his own, and once he does his hair, just like his grandpa, don't touch it! he is one of the most mature 10 year olds you will ever meet. he is a take charge, lets get in there and get it done kid, who is wise beyond his years and you would never guess he inherited my learning disabilities.....

he came home with what is called a green machine. and he also picked out 19 hotwheels to add to his collection, while dad looked to see if there were any missing from his collection! i don't know who is the bigger kid of the two!

this wild boy is also one of the most sensitive and most incredibly sweet boys you will ever meet. he is a snuggler, and is squishy and lovey.... is also all boy and he loves to get muddy especially on the days when that is the last thing i need, he loves to aggrevate his brother and sister until they are ready to choke him and i am ready to duct tape him to a wall! he can not walk through the house, he has to runjumpbouncehoproll at all times, and when he is tired he drops where he is and it out. he is a practical joker......and some days ugh!

just like his brother and sister he is a unique individual, and just like them he is perfect the way he is, although if he would have been born first there would not have not been a 2nd and 3rd child! my nervous system could not handle it!
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primdollie said...

Aren't memories fabulous!! and he is adorable!!! I know some days wish mine were still little!!! enjoy!! and Happy Valentine's today!!!
Hugs Linda

JUST ME said...

Cherish the moments and I hope he had the best birthday yet....


LoriLaurieLauri said...

Oh my gosh he sounds exactly like my son, who is 8! Exactly.

And I wonder if the Green Machine he got is the same Green Machine riding thing/cousin of the Big Wheel thing that my brother had in the 70's? That would be cool if they came out with those again!

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