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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


just made it by the skin of my teeth!

just under the wire......

it is hard to see but i am in the process of whitening my teeth. the stuff on the strips on my teeth begin to foam.....i feel like i look like a rabid dog!

most people just whiten their teeth because they need it.....for me their is a whole story behind the why........

this is all worth is. last year i was on liquid iron 3 times a day for 8 months trying to get my iron levels back up. i was so anemic the doctors were amazed i was not in unconscience, the doctor was amazed that i was even able to walk into her office. and had the lab check my results 3 times two days in a row. they wanted to stick me in the hospital and transfuse me. i told them as long as i was able to hold my own to save the blood for someone who wasn't doing so well. i was actually up and functioning cleaning house, taking care of 3 kids, and even taking walks at night. i was tired and shakey, and afraid i had suffered another pulmonary embolism .......caused by birth control know that pamphlet that comes with the bcp's that you read and say....ehh that happens to other people, not me, especially because i don't smoke.....well, guess happens.
not that i ever,ever,ever want to relive what happened to me 3 years ago, but coming as close as i did to death makes you look at life in a whole new i do thank GOD for that, and pray i never have to go through a life lesson like that again!

so as i whiten my teeth some reminders of the road in life i have traveled is being washed away...but that is ok, the memory alone is enough i don't need any souveniers.

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