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Years ago I started this blog with a mindset and goals that I have found have changed direction over time. I am excited to say that this blog has a new name.....Nest Feathers and Twine. I hope you come by and visit often. Feel free to get comfortable and kick off your shoes and join me on this journey of metamorphosis.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

ArtAngel of Sunsets

this is a 4.5" x 5.5" piece of watercolor paper that i used as a tray liner while painting other items for other projects.....i love the prize you get in the end......not knowing what the paper will look like once it is fully covered in splishes and splashes of paint!

this one came out looking like a beautiful sunset! the car is a not so identical twin to the one i put in bev's journal....notice the to art some more...... Posted by Picasa


LoriLaurieLauri said...

I use the 'paper from underneath' all the time! You are right, you never know what it will turn out like, but no matter what, it always inspires me!

And this is adorable! I love the little car!

BTW: I linked over here from Inspire me Thursday, and have been reading your blog...your 10 year old is apparently the identical twin of my 8 year old!

firstborn studio said...

big grin here!

Becky said...

so fun, christine!

artjunk~ said...

love it!!!! zoom zoom...

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