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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

45th birthday, earth day, a swap meet, and a wicked girlfriend

it has been a slow but busy couple of weeks, so there may not be much to say but i never let that keep me quiet.

april 22 was my 45th birthday.  FOURTY FIFTH!  My brain just does not comprehend it.  i don't feel what i thought 45 would feel like.  proof that age is all in your head, a mindset.  i am so happy and feel so blessed to be alive.  so happy to have been able to celebrate another birthday......and to share that day with earth day makes it even better.

steph and i are still working out our photography issues, and working on adding to the items we will stock in our etsy shop.

as a birthday surprise, steph gave me the first of four paint splattered blue jean purses that will be for sale on our etsy shop, accessory 2 fashion.  i love love love it!  i will post pics of it on my next visit. 

sunday was the annual swap meet that bill and some friends attend to sell the stuff that takes up space in the garage.  the last couple of years though he has pretty much run out of stuff and has been selling hot wheels, new ones that are in demand.  usually this is his guy time, something he does not get enough of.  this year the kids and i were going to go for the first time.  i was going to sell some of my larger items that i will not be selling on etsy due to shipping costs.  steph and i also had a few handmade lovelies to sell as well.  the boys were looking forward to checking out what others had for sale.  the forcast all week called for rain, rain, rain....and that it did.  with 90% of what we had to offer for sale not being water proof we opted to stay at home. 

the beast, vertigo caused by  menieres, and i battled fiercely sunday and monday.  2 of the worst days i have had in a long time. it left me clinging to walls, furniture and at times nearby peeps and exhausted by days end. 

this morning bertie bert jumped on my belly at 5:30 this morning waking me up to play, or so i thought.  trying to focus my sleepy eyes, which i found only possible by keeping one closed and squinting the other, i thought he had a zip tie hanging out of his mouth.  i am buying this *%^# cat a watch i is wayyyy to early to play.  so i grabbed the 'zip tie' to throw it in hopes he would give chase and leave me to return to dreamland.  well, it wasn't a zip tie.  apparently bert was in distress and was looking for help.  when i yanked, he freaked and ran across the bed.   3 - 4 feet of thick string was pulled up from his stomach....covered in the ooey-est of gooey stomach gunk, it hit me in the face.  ewwwwww.  what a way to start the day.  looking back on it now it is quite funny, now that i have recovered from the trauma. 

this week while reading some of the texted chit chat between my oldest son and his girlfriend, i grew to really really dislike her.  alot. my mothers intuition had prodded me to take a peek at what i had previously left alone and private.   when we took sam to the mall so that they could go to the movies she hid her horns and talons very well.  evil  beast she is.  her brother has threatened my son in one of those not-so-threatening-in-a-legal way-ways via facebook.  at looking through both her and her brother's facebook photos i have come to know the family a bit.  bud light is the beverage of choice at family gatherings.  her brother and a friend seem to think that half gallon bottles of what appears to be vodka well represent the size of their manhood, and he has posted pictures of a girls house he vandalized with an album titled 'she got what she deserved'   she seems to drop the 'f' bomb on her posts to facebook as though it were the words 'and, the, to...'   technology has made it more difficult in some ways to keep track of just what is going on in our childrens lives, but it has also made it easier.  right now i am liking technology, just really really not liking the girlfriend.  


tonight my youngest, my sweet sweet boy, is sick and i will be staying up with him for awhile.  hoping tomorrow i will still be productive. 

today i found the ahhhh that comes with finishing the unfinished and started a few new goodies that i will be adding to our etsy shop. 

i am off to try to get some sleep.  my wee little eyes are finding it difficult to remain open as i type, but i have a feeling my worries of my youngest being icky sick will keep me from giving in and letting them close for quite awhile. 

i will be back soon with lots of pictures and maybe a tutorial.  thanks you ever so much for stopping by.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry about the xgf. She does seem like trouble. My daughter has been in a very toxic relationship which really clouded her judgement. Thank the Lord, he wasn't the father of my grandson. But the father isn't much better. ::sigh:: It really is hard when your child is grown and you can't protect them from everything..... :)

Nest Feathers and Twine said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes Kim.

So sorry to hear of your daughters guy troubles. Hopefullly she will feel strong enough soon to know the only guy she needs in her life right now is her very special little guy. Maybe God brought the baby's father into her life for the sole purpose of bringing her that precious little baby.

Thank you for letting me know you stopped by and congrats on the new addition to your family!

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