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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

a quick note to say hi

this time of year the weather changes so quickly, i have learned to have not only a plan b for the day, but a c, d, e......

sunday they said rain all week....plan a

monday they changed it to rain tuesday and thursday....plan b

today, no rain but windy.......plan c and d.

this morning while trying to figure out which end was up in the world plans c and d were thrown out and i decided to get some yard work done. 2 hours today, that is it.

saturday and sunday were such monstrously challenging days due to my meniere's, monday was wobbly. i did not want to trigger another attack so 2 hours was the most yardwork i was going to do.

9 hours later i hobbled back inside to take a shower. my meniere's monster did not act up until the last hour, 3 times i nearly fell, 2 of those times twisting a different ankle.

i hurt in places i did not know i had.

i hurt beyond words in the places i knew i had.

steph helped for 7 1/2 hours, max helped for several hours as well, and my hubby after putting in a day at work helped out so much so that we could get the middle 'island' section of the yard done. we worked for a half an hour in the pitch dark. heaven only knows what the last bit will look like until morning when i can take a peek outside.

i put suncreen on my face, but forgot the rest of my body. my arms are sunburned, a 'farmers' tan at that.

i have a weird itchy rash on my belly.

a branch sliced my leg open.

i still have mulch in my eye, and you don't even want to know what is coming out of my nose when i blow it.

oh and you really don't even want to know what cranny i found a dead bug in.

while i am typing this i am also watching the little chocolatiers on tlc and me and my pms really want some chocolate covered strawberries....NOW.  chocolate covered anything at this point would be wonderful.....and i mean  a n y t h i n g !

all in all i have to say i am so very grateful that i was not only able to do yard work, but 9 hours of it.

the half of a xanax i take when the ringing in my ears is roaring at levels beyond belief or my rls (restless leg syndrome) is driving me wonky is not even coming close to knocking me out.

i am thinking it would help to shut down the computer though...

if i can move tomorrow and it is not too rainy maybe i can take a few photos of the yard.

type at you tomorrow, nighty night.

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