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Monday, April 05, 2010

pictures from yesterday

until the new version of blogger allows me to add photos i found a way to sneak them on using the old fashioned back door. 

before bunny
before the ears were nibbled
before we went to the easter day car show
before the ear-ectomy

the hubs....the one bending over

my sweet sweet babies...
i really wanted to ask them to pose, but they are teenagers.......and pretty much this is what was going through their heads at the time i snapped this photo.

in order of appearance:

  • sam - just waiting until this thing is over so i can play xbox with my buddies, and oh don't my pecs make this shirt look good!
  • max - what is this thing stuck in my hair?  c'mon dad, i love car shows but even i am done.  i want food, drink, and motrin for my aching feet.
  • steph - the wind is messing up my hair, i am hot and sweaty.... how gross.  car shows are stupid.....ohhhh i hope i get a tan!

why did i even try to do my hair?  it will take a week to get the knots out........but the breeze feels so good.......... and windy.

loving the newest bracelet i made, i forgot to take a photo of the neklace.   i have near twins coming up for sale soon on etsy.

there were too many cars to decide on a few to post pics of.  i found myself pointing my camera at just about all of them and thinking i want that one.  i found myself loving the 'rat rods' much to the hubby's surprise.

march of the chocolate bunnies

the after bunny
after the ears were nibbled
after the car show
after the ear-ectomy

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