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Thursday, April 15, 2010

photo taking phrustration

i love taking photos.  love it, love it, love it.......until it comes to taking photos for the etsy shop. 

with photo taking as the next item on my to do list earlier this week i decided to conquer this booger with a positive outlook.  i would not let the etsy self help articles that stress the importance of the perfect photo being the key to make a sale intimidate me or wrack my nerves. 

i decided to start with one of the hardest pieces to photograph.  the beautiful colors in this necklace are camera shy as i found in the past when i had snapped  a few quick shots to play show-n-tell after i had completed creating this piece. 

start with the most difficult and the rest will be a breeze i thought. 

this is the closest i can come to capturing the greens.  ahhh but the hot spot in the center, not good.  i tried putting my finger over the flash and my camera screamed in agony, i swear it did....i never heard that noise come out of my camera before, and the photo came out red....creeeeeeepy.

with a white sheet placed over the french doors in the kitchen to diffuse the light the pictures look a bit better, but it looks pale and washed out, and the colors are not true to the beast necklace.

outside we headed, mannequin and i, the colors are more true, but there are  the dreaded sHadOwS....

this weekends project.  to build a lightbox.

with my tale of photographic woes now out of the way i feel better.

i am LOVING spring, the smell of life returning to all that is outdoors is one of my favorite smells.  the birds chirping and singing during the day and the frogs serenading each other in the evening are better than any song on my ipod.

as i  found a space on the kitchen table to sit down this morning to eat a biscuit left over from last nights homemade biscuits and gravy i realized the remaining top half of my drop biscuit was heart shaped.
not only was my biscuit heart shaped but to my right was a heart shaped rock that my youngest had found in his latest creek wading expedition and had brought home for me.

i would love to think that when you find a heart whether it be made by the hands of humans or mother nature and God that it is an angel letting you know that someone is thinking of you and loves you. 

today i hope you find your message.

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