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Monday, May 03, 2010

comfort food, 2 rainbows in 2 weeks, blue jean patchwork purse, flowers...

The last week has been anything but 'normal'. 

tuesday, wednesday and thursday max was so sick.  friday he planned to go back to school even though he was not fully back to himself.  thursday night brought on an ear infection and the horrid pain that comes along with it.  with no sleep thursday  night and still feeling horrible max stayed home on friday.

friday night mia, the one on the left, played with a baby bunny.

 by the time steph got to her and demanded she drop the bunny,  the damage was done.

 steph scooped up the bunny and we washed her off to look at her injuries.

 a short bit later she died in my hands.

 max went out in our back yard and began digging a hole, steph gathered a shoe box from her room and we layed the bunny still wrapped in the small hand towel in the box.  steph and max then buried her.

max woke up the next morning with poison ivy.

sunday max made his second trip for the week to the local aid station.  when he woke up sunday afternoon we discovered the poison ivy quickly had advanced up his body to his face and was all around his eyes.

max stayed home from school again today.  too miserable being so itchy, and the insomnia that comes with high doses of steroid kept him up all night.

yesterday i began feeling the crud max had been battling with coming on.  i refused to get sick.  i decided to go outside and do yardwork.  if i am not thinking about being sick, i just won't get sick.  after 3 hours of yardwork my body ached, my throat hurt even worse....from pollen and who knows what else.....and the chills hit. 

i gathered all things necessary to conquer the chills

3 blankets
heating pad
space heater
hubby to snuggle with

2 hours later no more chills, so i stripped off the

3 blankets

turned off the heating pad and space heater

but still snuggled with the hubby.

today i feel crummy.  i have been sitting  like a lump in the chair and watching mindless tv.  my brain says go, go, body responds no, no, no.....

swallowing hurts beyond belief. i feel as though i am swallowing gravel.

for as much as i feel crummy, it felt worse watching max feel crummy.

 i caught myself thinking i can't wait for things to go back to 'normal'. 

  i tried so hard to be normal, normal initially rejected me.  by the time it accepted me i realized i did not want any part of it.  being unique  is where i belonged, and i learned not to be ashamed or embarrassed.

i have realized that by choosing to embrace being a  unique individual means to just let go and let each day be unique as well, and learn to embrace what comes with it.

unlike most of our neighbors, we do not have the standard 4 bushes lined up neatly across the front of the house and one tree.

we have chosen to embrace being unique. 
after all, i have discovered i do not want life to be back to normal

i want life to just be.  be ours.  be joyous.  be heathly.  be prosperous beyond our dreams.
to be students.  to be teachers.  to be of service to others.  to be creative.  to be inspired.  to be inspirational.  to be loving.  to be loved.

a good project to work on when sitting in a chair crumpled up and feeling yucky

when life gets bumpy make some comfort food.
some of my comfort foods

chocolate chip cookie dough
peanut butter cookie dough
mashed potatoes
pie crust

last week i made the best quiche i have ever made. 
and i have to say i make the bestest, most oh-so-flakiest pie crust.

with the left over pie crust i made these

in the midst of all of max's icky-ness we were lucky enough to see the second of these in two weeks.

this is the first of 4 blue jean patchwork splatter painted sling bags.  steph surprised me with this for my birthday.  steph will take ownership of the second one, the last two will be up for sale on our etsy shop.

a bit of dualing cameras

and to say goodnight, sleep tight.....
two sleepy kitties


Teri said...

I LOVE the stream of this post......I love the photos... it makes me feel like I'm in the "day" that you are having....

I love can you go wrong with pics of your cats?????

Seriously, I would feel devastated if my cat had killed a bunny.....I understand what you are going are a "Mom" of each pet....right? sad as you are for one, you must be heartbroken for the other child that killed the "one"....when it was just play......

We are animal lovers. It means we love each species for what it is...

I'm so sorry this happened, kind of follows the law of nature........

Be at are an animal lover and supporter....and you did well....

Nest Feathers and Twine said...

teri your encouraging words are sending this arty girl to bed with a smile on her face.

x's to you,

Quote for the moment

"Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

Harriet Beecher Stowe

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