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Monday, October 24, 2005

I have been tagged.........

Today Sharon ( (one of these days I will figure out these link things!) tagged me!

What a wonderful think to do! It made me go hmmmmmmm........
I needed to think of 5 women who have inspired me........ I wrote down very quickly this morning without giving it any real thought, I just wrote down what came to me instantly. I am sure in a few days I will have some names to add.....

  • Grandma Pauline - Boy was she a character, not your Nestle-toll-house- cookie-bakin'-grandma-type. Grandma was 6'3", meaty, smokin', drinkin', cussin', man lovin' woman with some serious life issues, but she loved me for me, and she loved her gardens, I remember her 4 o'clocks and iris' the most. She is the reason I began gardening and continue to do so to this day! She also didn't take #$@* from NOBODY!!!! She was who she was and if you didn't like it, well that was your problem.
  • Cinderella - sounds a little goofy, she hung in there in the beginning when times were rough, and then she got her happily ever after.
  • Donna Dewberry - I took a couple of painting classes with my mom eleventy gazillion years ago, and I loved painting, but it did not come easy for me. Because painting required so much thought and effort I retired my brushes and figured it was not meant to be. One evening about 7 years ago in a desperate attempt to escape 3 babies, 2 of which wore diapers still, a crabby husband, a messy house, and all of the other stuff that comes with being a domestic engineer I headed off to Michaels with a 40% off coupon and a few bucks. Something in the painting isle caught my eye. I did not know it at the time, but learning disabilites kept me from being able to grasp some things. My brain requires lots of step by step pictures. Donna Dewberrys book had just that. Not only that but she was published and the first thing I noticed when I picked up one of her books is that even though I liked what I saw, her work was not perfect. I noticed that the piece on the cover actually had a couple of spots that she missed painting and I could see bare wood. At that point I gave it a try, not for the pictures taking me step by step, but the fact that if they put this 'not so perfect' piece on the cover, it was ok if I was not 'perfect' in my painting. Perfection has at times hindered me in the studio.
  • This one will remain nameless - she inspired me to be the opposite of her in almost every aspect of my life. I think of her when I read a piece I have come to love from the True Colors book (I will put it on here tomorrow!) It keeps me real, honest, and a few other things!
  • My art sisters - (I was kinda hoping I could count this great group of women as 1 !) Some I know very well in person, many I have come to know thanks to the wonderful world of technology!!!!! Denise M, Becky, Angelica, Chris S, Sharon W, Denise L, Carol D, Michel M, Heidi, Carla, Sarah Fishburn, got to see her in action at a demo at Redlead, Maureen, Judi, and Lisa, Nina Bagley, I just love her stuff! (there are a few more, I know, but the train went off the track so to speak) I also got inspiration from my mom to a degree, I inherited the artsy gene, and she was always doing something creative when I was growing up. She painted and I was always being shooed away while she was at the sewing machine when I was little. She sewed many a dress for me, including my wedding dress, and boy did that have to require some patience.

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