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Friday, March 19, 2010

spring cleaning

yup, that is what the hubs and i have been doing this week. 

actually i have been spring cleaning for about a year and a half now.

it feels good to be getting rid of stuff.

it feels good to no longer need to keep stuff  'just in case'

it feels good to learn how to change the mindset that has held us in a 'less than' place, and to release the thoughts and beliefs that have held us down.  i am ready to receive all the good that life has in store for us.

the trash guy probably did not love us this morning.

still have quite a bit more to do. 

sam finally got his turn with the pukes.  just the way to start his spring break. 

max is going to the farm with some friends.  so glad they are not staying the night as originally planned since it is suppose to snow saturday.

steph is spending the night with a friend that is home for spring break from school.

i am almost finished with a new necklace and bracelet that will be going up for sale on our etsy shop.  pink and green.  oh so springy.   i will post pictures soon.  i am too comfy in my bedroom typing this to go downstairs and snap a photo. 

this morning i was reminded just how wonderful being hearing impaired is when the boys alarm clock went off and did not wake my youngest up, but woke me up just as i was starting to fall back to sleep after bert, the cat,  woke me up.   too cold and comfy to get out of my bed to turn off the alarm i simply rolled over and layed with my good ear on the pillow and the world was peacefully silent. 

bert has a new game.  every morning he now jumps on the bed after bill has left for work and bites or paws me, usually my feeties.  once i have woken up and called him a *&&%^$*  and thown a pillow at him, he runs off only to return to lay in bed with me and go to sleep.

speaking of the little beast, he has just come to my side of the bed, dragging his favorite blankie.  a new bedtime ritual of his.  he will knead and suck on the blankie before settling down, if only for a very brief moment before getting up to aggravate poor moan-uh. 

if you squint and turn your head sideways you can just make out bert sucking on his blankie at my feet. 
forgot to turn the flash on and the cuteness ended as soon as he realized his cuteness was being captured on digital. 

well, with my teeth brushed and those pesky upper lip hairs plucked, and my prayers said i am heading off to bed. 

i say goodnight in faith, something in which i am still a new student to, that my prayers will be answered and the miracles i have prayed for will be granted.

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