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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

has it really been that long

ok, so i withdrawl and curl up in the fetal position mentally when it all gets to be too much, and blogging does not happen with a mind that does not feel entertaining company. 

so much has happened in the last month.  i would like to say i swear i will not stay away this long again, but no promises made mean no promises broken.

the thyroid ultrasound came back pretty much ok.  lots of nodules that we just have to keep an eye on. 

raynaud's has now claimed at least a 3rd generation.  a couple of months ago when my svt decided to scare me and send me to the e.r., one of the last straws that night was when my hands turned a horrible white, then purple, then red.  last week i finally put 2 and 2 together and realized my super sensitivity to the cold this year, despite iron levels that are on the rise, especially when cold anything touched my hands, and the frequent odd display of color changes in my hands could mean only one thing.  a quick inquiry on google confirmed it. 

so, despite the fact that i sound like a sickly, elderly mess, i am getting healthier everyday.  things are getting better.  we are just finding things that have been going on inside my body for so long now and giving these things names.  i have gone so many years with everyone but my hubby telling me it was depression and anxiety and i needed to take a pill and make it all better. 

still have to make the appointment with the neurologist.......and call the doctor with the info needed for the prescription for my forearm crutches........can you say P R O C R A S T I N A T E?????

after tonights bout of vertigo though i  need to get my butt in gear. 

my baby turned 14 last month.   he is nearly as tall as his daddy.  not a good photo of the hubs who had just been shaken back to reality from the land of dreams, i had been begging for this picture for days, following them around the house with the camera.  finally my hubby told max in his haze of drowsy-ness to just let me have the picture and then i would leave them alone.  yup, i won.  finally. 

 it is so odd and freaky to look this child of mine who still has his boyish face in the throat.  he thinks it is a riot.  my baby, my goofball, sweet, hard working, sometimes in your face a bit too much, fun, bouncy, energetic, oh-so-wise loving boy. 

our ( mine and steph's) etsy shops still have not opened.  we have both been sick twice with the respiratory crud and with news of my latest thyroid issues everything was put on hold. everything but the creativity.  we have both been busy making making making. 

as much as i am looking forward to opening these shops, it will be a couple of long weeks photographing and inputing all the details.....blech.

new pretties i have worked on recently.
these are tempory photos.  i will be photographing till my eyeballs pop out here real soon
once we have a day with good natural lighting.

hmmmmm, let see.   i know there was so much more i wanted to share.
our fine feathered friend has visited our dining facilities several times.  have several beautiful shots of the beautiful creature but they also showed some graphic views of his main course.

sam is back in track this year.  so proud of him.  last week when bill and max went to go pick him up they found a groundhog by the side of the road curled up in a ball.
it made no attempt to run.
my husband made the decision to pick up, yes i said pick up, this animal with his bare hands.
we just happened to have a puppy crate in the truck.
he slipped this guy into the crate and brought him home to show us before releasing him into a safer place.
either this thing was rabid, dazed and confused, or just coming out of hibernation.  from what i read on the internet my 3rd guess is probably the cause of his sluggish and relaxed demeanor.

bertie-bert is just as nutty as ever.  he just came out of the shower in this picture.
he does not love showers, but he likes them.
he has now learned how to open the shower door, but runs when i bend to grab him.
he is a typical boy and is a slob.  he only grooms his tail, paws, and his uh, umm fuzzie wuzzies. 
so, in order to keep him tidy he showers with me from time to time.

burt did get to experience what all the fuss was about with the snow.
steph took him outside.
he did what any boy would do, he ate some.

max found this token of love in his bag o' chicken right around valentine's day.

sam was being silly.

my stephi-poo was doing what my stephi-poo does when she is not creating fantabulousness to sell on etsy. 

so, that is pretty much it.  i plan to be back tomorrow. 

i sure missed everyone. 


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