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Saturday, March 13, 2010

all is calm here on the home front.....for now

max is back to his ultimate max-ness.  back driving his brother nuts, just in time for spring break.

sam's 'sickness' on friday happened to be more of the love sick variety.  hopefully his date this afternoon has offered him a cure, if even only temporary.

we have tried to guess-timate the incubation period from the time max's buddies came down with the pukes until the time he came down with it.  it depends on which of his buddies he picked it up from.  so we are either in the clear or we have another 4 days. 

the rest of this weekend i will be cleaning up my studio, then back to work on monday.  i can't wait to have room to spread out.  there are so many ideas in my head i am running out of storage room and may have an overload situation here real soon. 

spring came, and teased us with her sweet smells, singing birds and bright sunny skies.  she tickled us with her ever so gentle breezes this week.   today it is dark, wet, chilly......i know spring will return again soon.  she is a fickle thing she is.

friday the hubs got some good news, he may be returning to his old area at work.  this will mean more overtime.  saying many prayers for this.  he has hopes maybe this week even. 

steph and i have been working out some strategies for out etsy shops.  pretty excited.  again, saying prayers it all works the way we would like for it to, or even better.

can't leave without at least one photo. 

the story behind what this all means this week.

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