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Thursday, June 11, 2009

these things are normal, for me

shower time is my time
my time to give thanks
my time to pray
my time to reflect
my time to be present

a week ago today
i was thinking about steph's graduation
just 2 days away

i wished i could wind back time
i wished there were things i could
do differently
i wondered if i could do them differently
what our today would be like

don't get me wrong
i am grateful for our lives

i realized we travel the paths we do
to learn
to grow

i have learned
so very much

i have grown
beyond my wildest dreams

but still
if i could have one wish
just one
my wish would be
to be able to do it all over again
with all that i have learned
with how i have grown

once i was done reflecting
i gave thanks for now
i took a few minutes just to be present
just to feel the water
just to breathe

suddenly, as though someone had called my name
i was snapped back into the real world
i realized i must have been in the shower for a very long time

i quickly turned off the shower
whipped open the shower door
and checked to see what time it was.

this alarm clock is one of the best
usually i unplug it in the morning after the hubby is up
when you plug it back in it automatically sets itself

it has a button that allows you to change the time either forward or backward

when i looked to see just how long i had been in the shower
the clock was going in reverse, back in time, full speed.
i stood in awe.
not disbelief.
these things happen to me all of the time.
my hubby always thought i was a bit cookey until he witnessed
these events
i was relieved that i had witnesses at home
so i quickly grabbed a towel and
called my daughter in to see.

i know
deep in my heart
down to the core of my very being
my soul
that i was told my wish was granted
not literally
but i have been given a chance to do things
to be given a second chance.

i decided not to unplug the clock but leave it alone
hoping my hubby would get a chance to witness this message
later when i came back to check the clock
it had stopped going back in time and had
reset itself.

i have left it plugged in as a test
just to see if the heat and humidity from the shower
caused this
though it has been plugged in during many showers before
it has never done it since.

i feel blessed to have been given notice that my prayers have been heard

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Valerie's Essentials said...


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Fascinating! Hind sight is always wise but we must take what we learn and apply it to the present. No regrets.

Artist's Block Studios - Christine Alane 2005 said...

so wise, and so true!

Michel said...

Thanks for relating this. I'd have been sure my prayer was answered, too, if this had happened to me.

Artist's Block Studios - Christine Alane 2005 said...

Thank you Michel, Julie, and Valerie so very much for leaving a note on this post.

Nothing can make a person feel so naked and vulnerable than revealing such an experience.

Kathleen said...

I take comfort from a quote that I heard once - can't remember where...

We can not go back and make a new beginning, but we can go forward and make a better ending.

The Lord always hears our prayers =) Nice to have a visual answer sometimes, though! LOL!

Artist's Block Studios - Christine Alane 2005 said...

I love that quote Kathleen! It will make a great addition to my collection, but most of all a great mantra.

Thank you for taking the time to leave your mark here....

Anonymous said...

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