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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

these eyes

these eyes stared in disbelief as the little pink line appeared on the at home pregnancy test, after all the doctors told me conceiving would be nearly impossible.

these eyes frantically searched for her heartbeat on the ultra-sound monitor after the doctor told me there likely no longer was one.

these eyes watched my belly grow enormous and loved to see her move inside of me.

these eyes watched her birth with the aid of a mirror. giving me strength to push all 9 pounds 10 ounces of her out of my body.

these eyes watched as the staff rushed her away before i had a chance to see her.

these eyes tried to catch a glimpse of her as the doctors worked on her to bring her back to life.

these eyes saw her first smile.

these eyes saw her first steps.

these eyes watched her excitedly climb the bus steps the first day of kindergarten.

these eyes have seen her happy, sad, mad, hurt, excited, sleeping, playing.....

these eyes tried really hard not to blink knowing tears would come pouring out if i did as we watched her graduate saturday.

these eyes have watched a precious baby girl grow up into a beautiful, strong, talented sweet young woman for nearly 19 years.

these eyes can not wait to see what the future brings
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