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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

still searching for the perfect pair of shoes

still looking for the perfect pair of shoes......for the perfect graduation ensemble
we made a quick pit stop
for liquid refreshment
so that max could
take meds for his developing migraine
unfortunately they don't make a pill to
help restore dad's patience
i probably should have grabbed the free bottle of lavender chamomile lotion that is suppose to calm and relax out of
the bag he was carrying and
schmeared it all over him......

while typing this my husband leaned in and read what i had been typing.....
he then asked what two lines i had deleted as he began to read....
i said at least i knew not to give you my ......'hey at least we are all healthy and alive and the sun shining' speech.
he walked out of the room laughing....
a good nights sleep is all that was needed
to restore patience...and his sense of humor.
lets hope it holds out when we begin our search again tomorrow for
the perfect pair of shoes.
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