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Thursday, May 01, 2008

what we have been up to since i last wrote.....

so, it has been over six months since i have been here. there has been alot going on, and for awhile i felt a bit guilty over not posting, but i had to get over it quickly so that i could take care of what needed taking care of.

most recently...april 22nd was my birthday......43.......i am so grateful for the gift of yet another birthday after health issues nearly killed me twice in one year 5 years ago. everyday i am getting healthier and stronger. every day i give thanks for the gift of life, it is something so precious that it needs to be honored and celebrated, never taken for granted.

my hubby nearly got himself killed on 2/1 after a snow. he was run off the road by an 18 wheeler. as soon as i can figure out how to get the pics from my sidekick to picasa i will show you just how lucky he is!

we saw body a work of art the human body is......what a miracle it is that all of the pieces and parts come together and function.....but did he really have to leave that one little part there.?...and if he did why couldn't he have used a little nair on it!

bill moved to 1st has been wonderful.....mostly.....alot of having to adapt to a whole new way of living since most of our marriage and almost all of the kids lives he has been on 2nd and 3rd shift.

my hubby lost yet another friend, and is losing another member of his family to a long and painful illness.

the kids all seem to be changing so quickly and keeping up with 3 so unique individuals and remembering to treat them as that is a piece of work in itself some days...i feel almost like i am trying to hold on to a greasey rope. their childhoods seem to be slipping away so quickly, and then it is just matter of realizing it is not slipping away, they are evolving into the most incredible people!

i have been working on art, art, art to sell., ok it is more piece for piece to sell, one piece for piece to sell........i can truly say i am at the point in my life where i am so looking forward to this, and no longer in fear of it.....the it being rejection. but i just know it is all going to be wonderful!

got some really cool new hearing aids......and some fun colored earpieces...will post pics later.....they even came with a remote! technology has advanced in this area sooo very much since i got my last pair almost 4 years ago. i also found during one of my many visits to my audiologists office that part of the problem with being able to understand words lies within my brain, my ears seem to have good days and bad days as far as the volume i can hear but that all has part to do with the constant ringing in my ears......and that there is now a 3rd contributing factor to my balance problem which explains why i feel, and sometimes appear, as though i am walking in a funhouse! it keeps life interesting!

i managed to download one booger of a computer virus and got it removed, however it has eaten holes in some of my programs, so my adopted brother, will, is coming over sometime in the next week to help me patch up these holes!

our camera is dying a slow and annoying death, and we are waiting for the money tree to bloom so we can get a replacement. i am hoping we can find a digital one that takes photos that publishers will accepts, high resolution?, and that is fda approved for usage by a blonde! speaking of pics, got lots to still post.

also waiting for the money tree to bloom so i can buy my epson color laser copier/printer.......maybe the laser printer fairy will leave one in my studio if i am a really good girl......

the major factor in my extended leave of blogging has been that i have been on a journey of figuring 'it' all out. have had some wonderful tools to help me with this. it has been a rebirth in a sense that i can not even put into words. you have to experience it, and feel it to the core of your soul.

so, with that all said off to get ready for the first of my three kiddos to come home, figure out just what we are having for dinner that maybe we will all that will ever happen! and catch up on housework that i have been hoping would have been done by the cleaning fairy.....i think i am going to have to fire her....she has not done a darn thing all week.

below are a few pics of the last 3 to ya soon.

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