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Thursday, November 10, 2005

More random thoughts from the shower

  • oh jeez, i think i have another cat hair in my eyeball
  • oooooohh i got it out on the second try
  • i am soooo tired of getting cat hairs in my eyeball, i wonder.......can you vacuum a cat..........and live to tell about it
  • ohhhhh more hot water
  • ok, can't vacuum the dear daughter had some nair....eww i think i threw it away the last time i cleaned out the i think it is much nair would it take to nair a cat .......if cat could be naired........hmmmmm
  • my legs were cold all day yesterday....shouldn't shaved......i think all that wooly worm hair was actually keeping my legs warm
  • i got to email bunches of people......don't forget to email today
  • glad i went to art alliance and collage group meetings was wonderful............everyone was sooooo one pointed and did the body snatcher scream thing...........see i told ya it would be ok........can't wait to go again
  • gotta remember to bring goody bags to everyone at next weeks atc meet up at would forget your head if it wasn't attached......actually you would be dead if your head wasn't attached......then you would not have to worry about forgetting stuff........what was it that i was trying to remember
  • i need to repaint my toenails.........but it is cold and i am not going to be wearing sandals in public for awhile so no one will know i have grass green toenail polish peeling.......but i will know...........what color should i do........something really weird.....add weird colored polish to the wally world list
  • ok, can't vacuum or nair the cat, my dad gave me the cat 2 months before he died, he will come back and haunt me........leave the cat with furry eyeballs like a big girl
  • ohhhh, add face scrubby stuff to the list
  • those birdies i got a redlead last night are soooo cute painted up and sparklied up......paint da birdies today.......ohhh gotta cut the branches off the trees today for my studio........and the two dead wittle bittie trees.....
  • where did that goofy baby talk voice come from........oh that stupid cartoon that was on tv this morning
  • ohhh add shampoo to the list
  • why can't we run out of shampoo and conditioner at the same time
  • ok, you need to get out of the shower
  • you know i think i have been to wally world 4 times already this week......i hate that place........but they are cheap
  • you really need to get out of the
  • more hot water.....hmmm what does this setting on the massaging shower head do........ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • ohhhhhh add cat food to the list.......
  • have to by some kind of meat so i can have the meat tray so i can do the thing that i saw demo'd at the art alliance meeting yesterday.........
  • be a big girl.....step away from the massaging shower head and get out of the shower nnnnnnnnooooooooowwwwwww
  • i don't wanna
  • ya gotta
  • don't wanna don't wanna don't wanna
  • now now now
  • it's gonna be cold out there
  • boy my inner adult is a pain in the butt........ok i am getting out already


Becky said...

type this out and make background paper, gf!

nancy said...

Just have to know, do you have a tape recorder in the shower with you, or is your memory just sharp?

Might as well ask also, Is there someone answering back or is it all you?

ntuart said...

the only time during the day that i can remember anything is in the shower!!!!!! after that point the memory cells in my brain are used up! i think it is because there is only so much multi tasking one can do in the shower so it is easier to maintain concentration!

the day the voices in my head start talking back.......i will post their comments as well!!! he he he he he he he he

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