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Friday, November 11, 2005

I was 7 things

7 Things I can not do:

  • say no to a friend
  • go a week without adding to my art supplies
  • crochet anything but a long, long, long chain
  • understand directions, i need lots of pictures, i'm a visual person
  • go much more than an hour without having to pee, i sometimes think my bladder must be the size of a dime, for real!
  • understand all of the words in a sentence even with my hearing aids in if the room is not quiet. i wish people came with closed captioning!
  • share my drink with ANYONE, I hate FLOATIES!!!!!! floaties are very bad and make me really really sick to my stomach..........

7 Things I say most often:

  • love you, bunches and bunches, always and forever
  • be careful
  • ewwww, ouch, that'll leave a mark
  • stop aggravating each other.......................NOW!!!!
  • that's gross ( there are 3 guys in the family, need i say more)
  • are you asleep yet (gotta keep my hubby on his toes)
  • you know what i mean, did that/i make sense

7 Things I find attractive in/about men:

  • Long hair, not real long, medium long
  • sense of humor
  • eyes
  • a soul full of intense passion about whatever his thing is
  • good hearted
  • mustache
  • just enough grey hair to make him distiguished

7 Celeb crushes:

  • celebs really aren't my thing....I would have an instant super crush on any celeb that would take a percentage of his millions per movie/performance and donate it to his home town, state, country to help those that need it most, the homeless, abused, those that have to choose between food or their meds, the list goes on...........
  • jackie chan - he is cute and handsome, funny, smart, i luv to hear him talk.........he has a real passion for what he does....
  • usher - he can move on the dance floor.....nice abs
  • will smith - he just seems like a really nice guy
  • john travolta - nice guy too
  • jimmy smits i always liked..........not sure why, i am seeing a pattern, i think i must be attracted to dark haired men?

7 Things before I die:

  • become totally healthy, again. i know this sounds funny, but i am dead serious........which i guess if i want to be healthy before i die i guess that leaves car accident, unfortunate accident, or murder........yuck, that just creeped me out
  • see my children grow up and have families of their own
  • own my own art business, teach and pass on the gift of art. open that business a couple of times a month for play dates for the abused, ill, self esteem impaired, sensory impaired,.......... to come and make art.
  • get published many, many, many times
  • earn at least enough money from selling my art to pay for my bad habits: buying more stuff than what i need or can use in this life time at art supply stores, antiquing, garage sale-ing, estate sale-ing,........
  • get my hubby to let me organize and clean out his garage.......and have him teach me how to work all of those power tools so i can do stuff all by myself
  • make sure i have let everyone who has touched my life know how much i appreciate, love, like a bunch...............etc......them.

Thank you Angelica and Becky for inviting me to play.........made me smile!

Becky, did I do good? No blonde jokes!

Okay, my circle of friends with blogs is small, and all I know have been tagged, but those of you you come to visit me that I don't know.......tag your it!!!!!!



1 comment:

Becky said...

good job! A+ Serious and perfect in every way!

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