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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what the monster named vertigo and i did yesterday

many days the monster and i dance together with a great deal of tolerance for each other,

 and many days we fight with each other.

 in between there are bouts where i surrender to the beast.

the past few days the beast has been acting up in the most wicked of ways.

 i drop things, so no running with scissors or glass for this girl

my brain and legs are not connected, so no stairs

no going to the store with the kids and hubs, not in the mood for stares and glares from those few who assumed i had lunch with jack daniels

just to name a few activities that are no-no's

during these bouts reading, typing, writing....beading are out.

although i may have surrendered to the beast, i won't let it win.....this arty girl is making art in some form or another.

so off to make tassels and grow patina is what i did.

80 glorious yards
of several different
of fibers
these are couture tassels.
2 or 3 of these will be sold with these

oh-so-yummy-hand stitched-hand beaded-hand bags

the remainder of the tassels will be offered up for sale

finally i remembered to add apple cider vinegar to my shopping list
and found that this form of vinegar
grows patina so much quicker
than distilled vinegar.

i have also made some pretty neato discoveries
most accidentally
in a few days
i should be ready to
post my first tutorial!

can you believe this!
i was amazed to find just how quickly this much grew
say a couple of hours vs a couple of days.

this arty girl is off to do some housework, make some more patina-ed charms and
some chocolate chip cookies as a first day of school prize for the boys and
a treat for the hubs who has been working his tush off in the horrid heat.

until next time


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