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Friday, August 06, 2010

a trip to the flea market, a wedding anniversary, a bit of creative stitching, my first piece of art in my shiny clean organized studio

a few years ago we use to hit flea markets and estate sales fairly regularly.

i did not realize just how much i missed treasure hunting until we got a chance to visit a flea market this past sunday.   with a very small budget i searched for treasures oh-so-carefully.

2 of my favs..... i feel as though the flea market angel must have guided me to find as one time i looked down just in the nick of time and another...... a glint of neatness caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.....

a very old scale. 
 i love the patina of the aged metal.
vintage industrial with a touch of victorian
craftmanship, detail, charm, beauty

this is a 1920's household budget keeper.

i have never in all my years of hitting garage-tag-estate sales, flea markets and antique mall-ing ever seen one of these.  all mine for 10 bucks.....left me with a few cents to divie up in to each of the yellow tins.

they say when you have 3 of something you officially have a collection.

i now officially have a collection of vintage fans.

guess i also have a collection of kids too.....

i also found this nifty neato vintage keeper of time from the guy i came to refer to as the $5 dollar guy.  every thing i touched he would say 'that's five bucks, its really old'  i fell in love with so many things but since he was not willing to haggle or deal i only purchased this one thing from him. 

i set it to the day and date my knight-in-shiny-armour and i were married

i found myself with a few other items. 

still need to snap photos.

on august 6, 1986 i met my knight in shiny armour.
on august 4, 1989 i married him.

i will love this man till the end of time
and the week after that

i have never been a play by the rules kind of girl.  i am out of the box....all of the way

i never looked healthy in white or off white, so this girl went with pink for her wedding dress

my mom made the dress and to this day i don't know how she did not lose her mind
creating this dream-come-true for me
oh-so-ticklish i am

gotta love these guys...stan, jr., doug

wish i would have thought of this attire for the wedding!

steph and i are adding some beading to our bags

without giving it much thought
i began stitching glass beads
using the bag that will be mine
as the experimental
i usually don't plop my purses down
so glass beads are no problem
for a bag-o-mine
but should i use glass on
bags that will be offered
up for sale?
not sure what to do here

here is what i have done so far

and......drum roll please......
my first official piece of
art in my oh-so-clean and organized studio

and a gift for the hubs, and myself too

in honor of our 21 years of marriage

a collage of items from the 1920's
under a very old bubble glass
picture frame....

a portion of a journal page from the 1920's that i wrote our wedding date and first date on

the small piece of paper says from bill f. , i found this attatched to
the whitmans label that is up top on the collage.

had to include this since the hubs is bill f. too!

just a wee bit more stuff in the studio to shuffle around and monday i will be back to work full time in my studio.

it took so very little time to put this collage together.
being so organized again
i knew exactly where to
go for everything
i needed


so until we meet again.....



Miz Carla said...

Loved seeing these wedding photos :D You haven't change much girl--and I'm *NOT* saying that just to be nice either!!

Great flea market finds! You really scored some neat stuff!

Love your anniversary art--great idea!!

sending lots of love your way and hopes that we'll get caught up soon. Big Daddy has to go back to business this week.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are still and happy with how your wedding dress turned out. I recently sent you an e-mail about Cheryl's wedding dress, but don't know if you still have the same e-mail address, so you may not have received it. Could you please have Bill drop off Cheryl's wedding dress, either at my house or Cheryl's. If you put it in a bag or box to protect it, he could just leave it either of our front porches. Her dress was in the same cotton bag as yours. She'd really like to have it back, so thanks in advance for returning it. Mom

Nest Feathers and Twine said...


i have sent you an email.

we needed to change our email address last year so i never got your email.

bill will drop the dress off on your porch tomorrow morning before work. if anything changes i will let you know

i did not even remember that i had it.


Nest Feathers and Twine said...


the dress has been dropped off on your porch this morning.


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