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Thursday, August 12, 2010

i swear it feels like somebody is watching me........

this morning
as i stumbled half asleep still
in to the kitchen
i could swear i was being stared at.

something or someone
was staring

i have to be careful
and check the backyard
for our neighborhood
feathered friend
that eats small
before i let the girls out.

i was even thinking it was the

that were staring at me
since they sleep
on a pillow
by the back door.

just as i walked over
to open the door to let the girls
out to potty
i spotted
the source
of that creepy
being stared at feeling

this little guy was
sitting on the doohickey
of our french door

i figured he would hippity-hop
on his way once i let the girls out
but nope
he stayed put.

i headed back to grab my camera
assuming he would be long gone
upon my return
but nope
still there

he stayed around all morning
and afternoon
giving me a chance to
do a photo shoot.

poor bertie wanted to come outside and play

the poor little guy was probably hoping
i would invite him in for a
bit since even
in the shade
the heat was beyond

i headed back in
and looked back
to see
him looking in
i felt guilty

he almost seemed to be saying
please let me in
with those little beady eyes of his

hoping the passing storms brought a bit of relief to
the little guy
i am sure he appreciated the moisture.

the first round of storms left as quickly as they came

i love watching storm clouds build.

these are some lockets that sat over night in a vinegar/salt and mulch
mixture.  i made the mistake of not wiping the wet mulch off
thinking it would be best to let it dry for a few hours

found out the verdigris came right off as well, oops!
still like how they look, but i stuck them back in
the mulch to build up a bit more patina

think my research is just about done
and i am ready to start writing
the tutorial.

as much as i have had fun experimenting and playing
i think i am ready to move on to another tutorial.

until next time

smooches to ya.

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