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Friday, May 14, 2010

learning my way around the light box and a happy accident

the light box

finally we assembled our much desired light box and i have spent several days trying to figure out just how much light to use, where to put the lights, playing with settings on my camera. 

i have moved the kitchen table to position the light box just so under the ceiling fixture in the kitchen.

with fingers crossed as i knock on wood the plan is to photograph all next week.

not sure if these photos will be used for the etsy shop, or if new ones will be taken. 

i have read countless tutorials online to make a light box.  everyone seems to have their own unique way to light and construct a light box.
i thought once i had a light box photography would be as easy as blinking.
bertie bert has felt the need to claim the box as his space.
he has been insistant on being a part of as many photos as he can
i have explained to him if he keeps this up i will list him for sale as well on etsy.
in response he offered up several additional new poses.

yesterday while steph was out cruising the net she came across a photo of a t-shirt in which the holes gave a lacey appearance
excited and curious steph and i grabbed some old t's and began cutting and puncturing the shirts.
after using several different devices and tools
i found the one's that tattered this t to my liking.

this is my test t.

while ripping this piece and that piece from the shirt
i hated to throw out the scraps that lay on the floor
the scraps called to me to find a use for them other than taking up space in a landfill.
as i sat down to watch a bit of mindless, yet tickle-my-funny-bone tv
i began to play with the pieces.
and here is what i ended up with
a happy accident
i say it looks almost like sea weed or coral
steph says icicles
we both agree it looks oh-so-neato

out of scraps an adornment was born

so here i sit
amazed again
at how out of nothing
out of scraps
something unique is born
and all i can say
with the most sincerest gratitude
from the core of my soul
because i have to believe
that is where

sweet dreams

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Scrap by RĂ´ said...

Hi Christine! Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I was surfing your blog and I loved your art. Also, Bernie is really charming!
Rosana (Brazil)

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