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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a husband who can not decide which bouquet of flowers to buy, so he buys both, makes me smile

how lucky am i to have this man?

a mix of
flowers bright and full of color
arranged in a mix
of new and vintage glass bottles
assembled on a vintage cake stand
sit on our kitchen table
inviting their admirers to lean in and
breathe them in

white daisies and a simple vintage jar
to greet us first thing in the morning

these simple things make me smile.
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Valerie's Essentials said...

Oh my... Too Sweet! He needs to write a blog to send to other hubby's! He did good!

Artist's Block Studios - Christine Alane 2005 said...

he did good......but i did not mention that he was in the doghouse for a few minutes earlier in the day! lol!

he is too sweet to stay mad at for too awfully long...

Linda said...

I love a man who knows how to spoil his woman. You're so lucky!!

Artist's Block Studios - Christine Alane 2005 said...

well hi there linda!

i am truly one of the luckiest women in the sweetie is my knight in shining armour!

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