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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

there is no place like a pile of hot wheels

max went looking for 1 particular hot wheel. i often wonder how he remembers what he even has. but out of thousands, uhhh millions, of beads i have i can pretty much remember each and every one.
this is just the partial contents of 1 tub.
he has 5, at least at last count.

moan-uh found the 1 of 2 spots of carpet in the middle and slept there.
anything new in the house she seems to think she gets first dibs to sleep in, on, or around it. anything over a day or 2 and she considers used and unworthy of her lounging in, on, or around.

it is apparently mating season for many critters, cats among them and even though moan-uh was fixed by the group that rescued her, she seems to have some slight memory that there is something she needs to be doing at this time of year....outside. this seems to be one of her tactics, she pretends to be asleep, notice her eyes are open, and as soon as a door open she is on her way out.

every year about this time and during the fall, we play keep the cat in the house. this past fall she snuck out without any of us knowing. she was gone for 2 weeks during a bad wet and cold spell. we thought we had lost her forever.

i am so tempted to duct tape her to the floor, a wall, the ceiling until mating season is over........just kidding.........kind of.
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