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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

one bad cookie

as a reward for my hubby who as of today is back working overtime
i thought i would bake him up a batch of my special recipe
triple chocolate chip cookies.
multi tasking
while adding the ingredients
to these scrumptious treats
i did not realize the 1/4 cup measure-r had been replaced
with a 1/2 cup. i added twice the
sugar than what is required.
the result - one bad batch of cookies.

realizing my culinary mishap, i adjusted and wah-laaaa....
i am told they taste heavenly, but having taste tested too much dough i have no desire to try them out myself.

i am off to search the kitchen for something salty to counter-act the overdose of sugar running rampant through my system.
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to make these sweet treats
use the nestle toll house recipe but replace the semi-sweet chips
with a mixture of nestle chocolate chunks, ghirardelli dark chocolate chips and
ghirardelli white chocolate chips.
i use 2 1/2 - 3 cups of the chip mixture.
for some reason there is a big difference in taste in the nestle semi sweet chunks versus the chips, ghirardelli white chocolate taste so much better than nestle, and being a connoisseur
of dark chocolate, ghirardelli is one of the best.
these are a favorite of my kids, hubby, and the hubby's co-workers.

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