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Friday, April 24, 2009

getting healthier day by day

last friday was a follow up visit to see how things are going
on the thyroid meds.
the only change i have noticed is i now
fall asleep at a near normal time
and i sleep. all night. i mean i sleep. i am usually
out within mere single digit minutes.
i have not slept like this
since before babies.

since i am now able to sleep, i feel a bit more energetic, and i am waking up on my own earlier and earlier. other than that i have not experienced profound changes that are worth writing about.

my first question for the doctor: if i have been symptomatic for 12 years, soon after the birth of my youngest who just turned 13, and my blood work has been coming back 'normal' all these years, how are we going to know i am really back to a normal. i have been sub-clinical all these years i was told.

thankfully she said she would go by how i felt first, my bloodwork second.

just got my new presciption in the mail today along with my results. i am going up from 60mg to 90. my bloodwork shows i am just in the normal limits on my free t4, well in the norm of my t3 free and my tsh is just within norms. not sure what all of these numbers mean at this moment, will research those later.

i look forward to what the next 6 -8 weeks brings with this new level of meds. i am feeling better everyday, the changes are eensy on a weekly basis, but looking back from where i was 3 months ago i am so grateful. finally.
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