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Saturday, November 08, 2008

my trip to the emergency room and enough already people with the prejudiced comments

it again, has been longer between postings than what i would like. 3 weeks ago this coming monday i ended up in the e.r. with a ENORMOUSLY swollen lymph node and gland behind my ear and into my jaw. the pain i would compare to childbirth and the onset less than 24 hours. after a cat scan, and giving into the nurse and my hubby talking me into some pain medication being added in with my i.v. antibiotics, which i have to say was wonderful, i was sent home with a kinda-sorta-in-a-way-maybe diagnosis, a script for antibiotics and pain medication. i am on my second round of antibiotics, and now that my jaw is pain free and my mouth feels like eating food, my stomach is a mess from the meds. but....i am getting better, and pretty soon this will all be a memory!

the picture above is not human guttage, it is pumpkin guts by the way. pretty cool pic taken by my daughter. i am thinking we may have a major change in the career route. she has a huge interest in photo journalism, and i would say she is doing wonderfully.

what a week this has been. i am so excited to be a part of history and excited to see what changes are coming our way with obama elected president, but i do have to say i am sick of the prejudiced comments. my kids, my husband and i are in shock over the things we have heard, and quite saddened to think there are still so many people in the world that are so ignorant.

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