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Thursday, November 20, 2008

15 on the 15th

my middle baby turned 15 years old on the 15th. every year, with each and every birthday i find myself asking the same did this all happen so fast? i can still remember holding this tiny, well if you call a 9 pound 10 ounce 2 weeks early newborn tiny, baby like it was yesterday. i so miss baby sam, but i love watching him grow up and change and become his own unique person. it is so exciting. he has a very odd sense of humor, but that is what makes him sam and i would not change it for the world. he and his little brother usually just drive each other nuts, but i love watching him having fun and goofing off with his older sister. i almost feel like i am watching someone else's family. i forget my baby is turning into a man. his deep voice, hairy body, no more boyish chubby cheeks, he is now taller than i am and just a hair shy of being as tall as his sister, and probably as i am typing this he has grown since we measured him last week and i am sure he is probably a hair taller than his sister now. he seem so grown up at times, then the boy in him, which i am most familiar with, comes out.

sam hopes to be a guitar playing actor, and his is a good one at that. here he is modeling his new wallet while we were waiting for our food to come. he got to spin the birthday wheel and won a target gift card which fit nicely in his new wallet.

after dinner we left the comfort of the warm and cozy restaurant to a very cold and snow flurrying parking lot. we all chased sam to our very chilly mode of transportation with party poppers, all of us happy, cold, full and covered in streamers and teeny snowballs praying the heat would hurry up and kick in. once home we all waited for sam to become entranced by his new video game and once we were sure he was we all pounced him with silly string. boy that stuff stinks!

i look forward to what the next 15 years brings, but sometimes i just wish it would all slow down a bit so i could take it all in and file every precious memory in a safe place.
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