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Years ago I started this blog with a mindset and goals that I have found have changed direction over time. I am excited to say that this blog has a new name.....Nest Feathers and Twine. I hope you come by and visit often. Feel free to get comfortable and kick off your shoes and join me on this journey of metamorphosis.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


at 1:30 am this morning i decided to get brave and take a few photos of the all growed up me to post here on my blog.....there are so many artists who do it.
i do not photograph well.....i am no beauty queen by any means, but the last time i took photos of myself i ran through the house asking the kids' does your mom really look like this?!!!!!' and thank goodness when they stopped laughing and regained their composure they would say 'no way'.....but for some reason 1:30 in the morning, most of my make up rubbed off and so tired i can hardly keep my eyes open these photos did not turn out half bad. and i keep reminding myself i am 43, even though i feel 18 still, and am shocked some mornings not to see that 18 year old starring back at me in the mirror. my daughter will be 18 the 10th of july, and i feel like i could be her friend and must remind myself i am the mom.

shushing the kids who are beating on my bathroom door, invading my need for privacy to do something terrifying....take my own photo. i feel very exposed......putting the comments made to me about my looks by someone who's opinion meant the world to me many many years ago and realizing that true beauty arises from within, from deep in the soul...........
plain and simple this is what i look like on the outside
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