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Monday, October 08, 2007

another weekend come and gone

wasn't i just journaling this? it seems like moments ago i was writing about the same thing about last weekend......the kids have started fall the next week will be crazy.....crazy good, crazy fun....crazy crazy.....late nights star gazing, movie watching, ebay surfing for goodies, sleeping in late, no set schedule...... for a week it will be wonderful. so, friday evening jilly layed another egg. she was more bound and determined to keep an eye on this one since her first disappeared, but we managed to distract her and take baby number 2. she bounced back quicker this time and was back to her old self jabbering in our voices and making her kitty meows and chicken clucks and video game bombs away noises.

friday night, actually 1:30 saturday morning, i was working in my studio showing max the newest baubles i picked up for jewelry making and he picked one for himself to have me make a picture yet since his sister has the camera with her on an outing, but i did manage to get ahold of the camera to snap a picture of my eyeball after an equipment malfunction sent a piece of metal flying at my eyeball at the speed of light.

my biggest fear is that the metal pin had lodged in my eyeball. but after i calmed myself down and blinked several times i realized there was no metal embedded in my eyeball, and it did not feel as though i had even ended up with a corneal abrasion. an hour later i found the 1/8th inch piece of metal floating in my lower lid. i wear safety glasses in my studio when cutting glass, metal....i did not have them on, obviously, when this occurred because i was not cutting anything. just an equipment malfunction. i now wear my safety glasses while working with what i thought was a harmless piece of equiment. my eye looked worse by saturday afternoon....grossed the kids out! how much fun is that! last night freaked the poor carhop out when we went to pick up dinner. too bad it wasn't closer to halloween!

now, you wanna talk the power of attraction......i was just talking with my mom a few hours earlier about how i am terrified of an eye injury and i always wear my safety from now on i keep my mouth shut!

so, max is pacing....standing over my shoulder asking if i am done yet, how 'bout now?, now?.....we are suppose to go to a recycle shop today to go treasure hunting for schtuff....his and my favorite thing to do...his siblings don't have the 'junking gene' and this will cause steph to go through a bottle of hand sanitizer by afternoons end, and sam to ask 5,326 times 'are you guys done yet?' he won't stay home because he is afraid he might just miss out on something good.

later another trip to the bead store to pick up additional supplies for a necklace that is underway and i can not wait to see the finished product....but that will have to sit while i complete a few other projects for others first.

so off we go.....check back in later!
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