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Thursday, October 19, 2006

ok, so i promised that i was

going to keep up on my blog after my long absence awhile back. so, the fly was still alive and driving my nuts yesterday, and i just realized i have not had the annoyance of the darn thing landing on me yet today.....i am hoping that he 'flew' off to heaven!

yesterday i got all ready, and as soon as bill got home from work we got in the car to drive to the city to Wash U to see a couple of specialists...and thank goodness before we drove all the way down there we realized that the appointments were not until today!

today we got all ready as soon as bill got home from work and drove to see the docs. poor bill, he works third shift, comes home so tired he can hardly keeps his eyes open and then we had an hour and a half wait to see the first specialist that only handles hands and elbows. during the exam with the chief resident bill was dozing off. while we were waiting for the doctor to come in he dozed off again and started to talk in his sleep and asked if i broke the lead off my pencil. i messed with him a bit, and then i got the giggles so bad he woke up and by the end of the visit with the first doc he was wide awake. we were both starving and had hoped to have time to grab a bite to eat before the second appointment with the shoulder and neck specialist, but nope.

the news is not good. and we are looking at several surgeries. lots of pain. and who knows what a few years down the road.

i do LUV the docs at Wash U! they are wonderful!

on the way home my hubby said, so now i guess we gotta call the lawyer to see what is next....this translates into " so can you please call the lawyer tomorrow honey"

figured out how to resize my pics for mmca. that made my day. i have been futzing with that for over a week. yeah me!

trying to get the kids in a routine of doing rotating chores. holy moly you would think we had maids all their lives, and now we don't.....well, i guess when mom is a stay at home mom they kinda did have maids. now that i am trying to get a couple of businesses up and going and working fulltime, even though it may be at home, the kiddos have gotten a crash course in some basic house keeping skills. they know why mom gets a tad bit irked when they show up with an armload of dirty clothes after it was thought they were all done....or about another bazillion things......i only wish now i had done this sooner!

we have also decided that each child has to plan and cook 1 meal each week.....they love the idea this week, we will see what next week brings! i am a little scared what some of the concoctions are going to turn out like......eeek could be scarier than some of the best halloween costumes!

i have a piece of art to is my 4x4 for redlead. i just glanced over at it and realized i had not yet done that! first i have to check out the freezer and fridge. the kids are whining there is nothing to eat, which translates into the momish language as " there is only healthy and nutritious food items in our cold storage facilities, and we do no wish to partake in such foods this evening"

so off i go....will try to get that pic uploaded, and do some more cleaning up in the studio. it seems as though my muse sat on her butt eating bon-bons all day watching tv!

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