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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

sleep, who needs sleep....

life around here is always happening. there are not calm, still, quiet days or nights, and well it is just life and we live it.

monday the kids went back to school after cycle and fall breaks. as always they all have a hard time getting to sleep that first school night. needless to say sleep did not come easily or quickly for me or the kids sunday night, and max ended up crawling into bed to snuggle with me and finally fell asleep about 1am. yesterday he was sooooo tired he fell asleep on the bus ride home. now if you know max, you know that is almost unbelievable!

last night all three kids climb into bed early and watch tv. i thought for sure everyone would fall asleep early and breathed a sigh of relief. i can go to bed on time tonight and all by myself....yeah right!

10:15 wake bill for work
10:29 & 1/2 - kiss bill good bye after all the kids have and send him off to work
10:29 & 3/4 - tell steph to get her butt in the shower, again
10:30 - tell the boys to get back in bed
10:30 & 1/8 -tell boys go to bed
10:30 & 3/8 - tell boys to be quiet
10:30 & 5/8 - tell boys to quit goofing off
10:31 - i crawl into bed.....set the alarm for midnight when everyone should be fast asleep so i can get up and feed the birds and change their cages......someone forgot to wash the bird bowls earlier in the evening so i could change cages at a decent hour
10:32 - tell boys to be quiet and go to sleep
10:35 - tell boys i will make them wear a pink tu-tu and high heels to their bus stops if they do not quiet down
10:39 - tell boys if they do not go to sleep I will wear the pink tu-tu and high heels and sing and dance with them at their bus stop
10:50 - princess steph is finally finished with her shower and emerges from the bathroom engulfed in the midst of fog that indicates that she took her shower on the 'could melt glass' setting on the hot water.
10:51 - steph gives me hugs and kiss and tells me goodnight
10:51 & 1/2 boys complain that it is not fair she is not in bed and they are
10:51 & 3/4 - i tell boys she' s going, she's going
10:52 - boys come into my room to wait for her to leave.......oh give me a break

so, by 11:00 everyone is settled into bed......then the light in the hall bathroom light goes on. NOW they go to the bathroom

11:01 - everyone back in bed
11:03 - steph is asleep
11:04 - sam tells me he loves me and will see me in the morning....that is his way of checking to make sure i am still there....
11:05 - sam again.....still checking
11:09 - sam again......ugh......i am still here! and i am tired......
11:10 - sam is finally asleep, and i assume max is too.......hmph...not!
11:10 & 1/2 - max crawls in bed for night number 2
1:00.....yes......1:00 he finally is able to settle down. oh, i can not believe this.
1:01 - i set alarm for 2:00 am to get up and change bird cages.....just a little nap......i will just lay on my left, the right........nah, maybe on my back......arm in the face.....on my left side.......knee in my back......eee....eeee....eeee..eeee..eeeee.....eeeeee....eeeee...eeeee (that is how you spell that horrid noise the alarm clock makes, just in case you were wondering)
geez it is 2 am already.......max...where are you going.......max come lay back down....max you are at home......max come lay back down.......max is talking in his sleep and trying to sleep walk....something he does when he is stressed by school. or in this case just wound up going back to school and not being able to wind down to go to sleep.
2:10 - he is asleep, but who knows for how long before he tries to sleep walk, again.
2:11 - give up cleaning bird cages, will do tomorrow after the kids go to school and hope to make it before the trash guy gets here.
2:12 - oh, geez i can't go to sleep......
2:13 - nope....still not
3:00 - still awake
3:01 - dozing
3:15 - max trying to get up again
4:00 - i think i fell asleep
4:10 - gotta pee
4:11 - back in bed
4:12 - its chilly, turn up heat
4:13 - dozing
5:30 - eeee.....eeeee.....eeeee.....eeee......eeeeee..... time to get steph up
5:31 - crawl back in bed
6:00 - wide awake...give up on sleep....get up and check emails
6:05 - go downstairs to get cup of ice in storage area of basement and step on soaking wet towels from a minor leak in basement from rain all day yesterday. and the water seeps into the holes of my fake crocs....eeek is it cold
6:30 - steph on bus
6:31 - hmmmmm maybe a little nap before sam gets up
6:32 - dozing....yes finally
6:33 - molly (stephs chee-wah-wah) barking her brains out in the kitchen
6:34 - still
6:35 - still
6:36 - still
6:40 - hmmm, maybe i should see if someone is trying to break into the house
6:41 - turn on kitchen light to see molly wants to kill something outside
6:41 & 1/2 - turn on back light to scare off said something and shut molly up
6:41 & 3/4 - back in bed
6:41 & 7/8 - i am drifting off
6:51 - the bed is it max trying to sleep, great....what dead family member have i made so mad that they feel the need to haunt me. i raise my 'good ear' up off the pillow and i hear BANG kkkkkkk EEEKKK BANG kkkkkkk EEEKKKKK BANG kkkkkkkk EEEKKK
oh, for the love of all that holy they are tearing up the street in front of our house.....
7:00 - eee.......eeee....eeee....eeeee......WHAM! ( that is the noise of me hitting the snooze)
7:09 - eee..eeee....eeee....eeee....eeeee.....eeeee.....eeeeee....eeeee......eeeeee.
7:10 - eeeee......eeeeeee.......eeeeee......eeeeee......eeeeee........'all right already!" WHAM!
7:10 & 1/2 - get sam up
7:11 - try to sneak back into bed for attempt at a cat nap
7:12 - 'mmmmmmooooooommmmmmm' it is sam, i give up
7:38 - sam is out the door to wait for the bus
7:45 - ......where is the bus
7:50 - is late again
7:50 1/2 - BANG kkkkkkEEEEEEKKKK BANG kkkkkkk EEEKKKK.....etc, etc, etc,
8:00 - finally, 20 minutes late the bus is here
8:00 & 1/2 crawl in bed, reset alarm for 8:15
8:00 & 3/4 - why did you even try
8:15 - wake max up
8:17 - wake me and max up
8:19 - gotta get up bud
8:21 - crawl back in bed for just one minute
8:23 - i am dreaming
8:24 - bam! bill is home, getting the dumpster from the backyard
8:25 - my heart starts doing one of its funky rythym things and i have to go through the whole this, that and the other routine to get it to return to normal. it would be nice if the docs could figure out the why and how to fix.....but after 6 years, it is just part of life.
8:27 - lean on wall in hall way and tell all of this to bill
8:40 - max and bill go out to wait for bus........on the way bill and i talk about horrid smell that has been in our laundry room for the last week......i ask if he looked behind the door or in the vent because i had not thought of it......he says no....i go off to check....we have already torn the laundry room apart top to bottom, twice in the last week, and have burned to the base about a million scented candles.....
8:42 - after literally, no lie, no kidding, a solid week of trying to find this horrid smell that has been in our laundry room i found it....i have a super sensitive gag reflex.....OMG oh yuck! i am gonna heave last weeks dinner.........

the thing causing the smell was not actually 'in' our laundry room. it came from a bag on the door handle leading to our garage. on that door handle was 3 wal-mart bags. 2 of them had my soy chips in them (MMMMMM yummy) . i bought several bags in did not have room in the storage bin, so i just left them in the bag and hung them from the door handle. WELL, someone hung a wal-mart bag with a few potatos in it on the door as well, and the bag kinda slid behind bags with the soy chips. sometime during the night, or the wee hours of the morning it all exploded out of the bottom of the bag and oozed out....oh geez there was this sticky, stinky, gooey mess all over the bags, the floor.....and the smell has now escalated to lethal levels....even molly was gagging......i open the bag............and looked inside to try to identify what this gunk was while trying not to puke and make a worse mess and i see what appears to have been 3ish potatos....i was wondering where they went a few weeks ago........and things flew out of the bag......and there were squirmy things in i dropped the bag in the trash can and ran for the bathroom.

my hubby, my hero, came back in the house about this time and finished cleaning up the mess and said he was very proud of me for making it as long as i did.........then he ran the bag out the door, gagging the whole time .

we are both grateful today is trash day.

the trash guys will not be as grateful.

bill tries to get me to lay back down, with i am wide awake aint gonna happen.

we both realize we, which translates to I, have several phone calls to make to gather medical records for an appointment with hand and shoulder specialist that is coming up way to quick.
so we, (i) made the phone calls, begged and pleaded with one dr.'s office to get the records ready for today.....eeeewwww make a copy of a report....geesh, why does it have to be so while the girl is talking to me like it is such a big deal she is pulling up the report, and by the time she is done is done. now see, was it that hard?

now i need to clean 8 bird cages, play with 4 parrots, take a ton of stuff downstairs and put away for the businesses i am working on starting, oh, but first i have to empty the washer and dryer so i can clean up the wet towels in the basement and put them straight into the on re-cleaning my studio....i am hoping from help from my muse for this one....i love makin' the mess, hate cleaning up afterwards.....make about a dozen more phones calls, shower, figure out what is for dinner that will cause the least amount of 'ewww not that....again' comments, get the hubby up and showered, run all over creation to pick up scattered medical reports, mri's.....blah blah blah.....oh, and we are FINALLY going to decorate for halloween....2 1/2 weeks late, tonight....and i had planned hot chocolate and homemade chocolate chip cookies for the festivities.......

i am so glad this is going to be an easy day since i did not sleep!

ok, so here is an phone call from neighbors daughter....their tire fell off their car....can bill come put it back on. i ask....can this wait till 2 when i wake him.....nope need him now. so wake bill at 12:05.......he has had exactly 3 hours of sleep. it takes him almost 2 hours to fix the damage to her car so he can put the tire back on and discovers auto ________something gave her the wrong cap and lug nuts......

so he comes home we both clean bird cages.....water mess almost cleaned up downstairs....swear i saw a spider in a row boat out of the corner of my eye.......hallucination from lack of sleep. laundry going....check...birds done...check......emails calls made....checcccccc....well most of them. so now at 2:16 we are 16 minutes behind to the shower, will skip a few chores until we are done picking up medical both of us are sleep deprived. this should be an interesting day.

now i am tired! figures!

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