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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

is anyone out there?

ok. so i am slowly but surely working on jumping back into everything. one thing at a time, one group at a time, one project at a time. adding everything back in very slowly.

i have tons of artwork to show you, but i can't get picasa to suck up the pics i upload from the camera.

i was so proud of myself last weekend. i figured out all by myself how to upload/download the kodak easyshare stuff from their site to my computer....ok, the music is playin'.....i figure out all by myself that there is a little box to check deep within the stuff of picasa to check to get picasa to suck up the pictures from the kodak program. i restart my computer. i am so proud of myself. doin' the happy doesn't work. happy dance stops, shut the music down and breathe.....breathe...........and now i wait for my good friends will and denise to come over so that hopfully will can fix it all and make it all better! i am so modern day techno challenged, and blonde to boot. i was meant to be born in the horse and buggy days!

was sick for over 3 weeks, still not over it. i am still coughing, especially in the morning. i sound like the cat trying to hack up a hair ball. in fact this morning i caught the cat giving me that 'great, just great....she's gonna hack that nasty thing up right on the carpet again' look. guess i should not let cat see me give her that look any more......

max has been on cycle break the last couple of weeks, he is lots of fun but exhausting. he is missing the 'fear' gene and so i am about nuts. when he was 7 he got his one ear pierced. he wanted 3 more holes put in, and wanted 1 a year. well, we never went back to get any more piercings after that. max asked if as a reward for his report card if he could get his ear pierced with another hole a couple of weeks ago. so off to the mall we went. waited our turn. now while we are waiting this family, mom, dad ( who has 2 piercings) aunt, uncle, cousins they take this 3 year old little girl to get her ears pierced. this child does not want it done........the whole time the woman is marking her ears she keeps pulling away and i want to smack this family and say i don't think now is a good time....why don't you wait until she is a bit older and can decide for herself you idiots......but i behave, much to the relief of my husband......they pierce her, she screams and tries to grab at the earrings. you people.......i could have choked you! ok, so anyway it is now max's turn. the lady asks if we want the other earring, because they are sold in pairs. i said of course, because he will eventually lose one and then we will have a replacement. so the girl jokingly says 'or we could just pierce his other ear'.....with that max looks at me with that 'puhleaseeeeeee' look, and i look at bill who gives me the 'don't look at me look cuz it doesn't matter what i think boss lady' . so max has 2 in one ear, and 1 in the other.

next week steph and sam will be on fall break.....fall break....i never got no stinkin' fall break!

sam will be a teenager in a few weeks, my little baby........growing up......what a goofy sense of humor he has, oh, and he is getting this little mustache-y thing! for about 2 weeks bill and i would see him and say go wipe your mouth off, you have a bit of dinner right above your lip, he is really bad about that.........eeee then one day when he and i were talking, it is so cool, i realize there are these long dark soft hairs growing in. he did not have a food/drink mustache.....he is getting a real one! his arms and legs are all is so exciting watching them grow and change and become their own person! he is growing into a pretty cool kid!

then there is steph who is 16, a hormonal girl. i love her dearly, but need i say more. i really wish she would wear a sign that gives us her current mood! now sometimes you can tell, like when the furniture is shaking, her head spins and she spews greens stuff and that deep scary voice comes out! there are times when i can feel her burning holes in the back of my head with her glare because i did not let her do something she wanted...... i remember what it was like to be her age, and try to give her space, but it is hard. i am very lucky, she and i have a much better relationship that probably 95% of her friends do with their moms. she is a good girl. so many of her ex-class mates and ex- friends are drinking, doing drugs, sex, one is pregnant......when she was little one of my biggest worries is that she would stick something icky in her mouth from the times have changed!

all three of the kids, when they are together have to drive each other crazy, which in turn drives me crazy! i still have not recovered from summer vacation, and now they are on f a l l break! oh, puhlease help me get through next week with my sanity!

still trying to find a web hosting site for my jewelry and art stuff. i have sent emails out to others to see if i can find a company that i can do it myself, it will not cost me my 1st and 2nd born children, the house and my right arm.....BUT comes with a shopping cart, paypal/credit card acceptance and does not require a degree in physics to figure i put it to my yahoo group this, while i am at it should i ask for a million dollars to fall out of the sky, world peace and a smaller butt? or is there something out there that exists that meets my wishes? .......sigh, i am so ready to start selling NOW! i am getting so aggrevated!

so, enought rambling....i am off to clean, art, and p.u. hit the shower which i should have done many hours ago! ahhh, yes, my friend the pulsating shower massager......oh get your mind out of the gutter...ewwwww!


ntuart said...

this is a test.....just a test...

ntuart said...

ok, its another test

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