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Friday, October 01, 2010

pennies from heaven, a follow up story

yesterday, as soon as i hit the publish button i headed off to do some housework.

yesterday i had walked the path between the kitchen and the bedrooms more times than i cared to count, but this time on the way back to the kitchen something caught my eye.

underneath the antique sidetable in the foyer.

a penny. 

i could not believe it.

i let out a high pitched  'look what i just found guys' to my kids, who knew i had just published a post on my blog about pennies from heaven.

grinning ear to ear, giggly, and with an extra bounce in my step despite the gut wrenching cramps, i took the penny to join the others on the penny altar in my bedroom.

i headed back to the kitchen and began to tidy up. 

i found a folded up piece of paper.

curious as to what may be written on the neatly folded paper, i picked it up.

see what was lying underneath.....

again i squealed with excitement for the kids to come see what i had found.

never had i found this many pennies, this close together.

i have sat here now for several minutes trying to find the right words to let you know just how incredible of an experience this was so that you truly not just understand, but so that you feel what i felt.

what a gift these pennies were to me.

i feel so very blessed.

i am so grateful.

this girl is off to make sure her youngest is all packed up for a weekend camping adventure with friends.

talk to you soon.


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