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Monday, October 18, 2010

sunday drive

today we headed out to hannibal.  exploring.  excited....wondering just what we would find. 

i found my brain bounced from thought to thought with each observation.

many miles of our drive revealed that there were great distances between homes.

....mmmmm...peaceful, quiet, slow........ i thought as i watch 2 horses grazing, looking so graceful, so at peace, in their fenced in portion of land as their owner tended to quite a large bon fire meant for disposing of unwanted brush, marshmallows being roasted there.   miles later another piece of land fenced off by it's owner. 

i have always wanted to live out in the country...many of our sunday drives i fall in love with a landscape dotted with old farm houses, old barnes, just far enough apart, but not too far.  where summers were spent drinking lemon-aid and eating apple pie under an equally aged oak tree.

today what i saw seemed lonely, cold, unfriendly, and so very lonely.

after what seemed like hours we reached civilization

we spent the afternoon stopping here and there so steph and i could sieze some pretty awesome photographic opportunities and i am so grateful to

for another wonderful day spent with the one's i oh-so-love and adore.  although we were down one peep today, as sam decided to stay over at a friends house.

 (bill and max setting up my tripod, little did they know that i could have had it set up myself in an nth of the time, but they were so sweet, how could i say anything)

(steph capturing her own photos at a scenic look out point)

for our safe arrival back home.

for the chance to see such beautiful scenery, and for the oh-so-neat photos i was able to capture, that i can not wait to edit and share with you.

as i was photographing an old building, something caught my eye and made me come take a closer look

someone, who shares the same shortened version of my name, had left their calling card.

i have come to find i have a facination with photographing old buildings, long ago occupied, windows, and bridges.

can not wait to play show-n-tell, but this arty girl is finding herself pooped from a long weekend spent in a nasty-bad battle with the beast, vertigo, on saturday and today's exciting travels. 

i am off to tuck myself snuggly in to bed for a night of oh-so-sweet dreams, and it is my wish that you too have dreams fill with sweetness.

smooches to you all.

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