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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

home from the emergency room

you can lose many things in life....your keys, socks...or at least one of them, your mind, your pride, your house......but none of that seems to matter when you are terrified that you might lose something
that is not replaceable.
my youngest started having chest pains about 8:00 in the evening....he said he thought it was his heart burn, which he gets very easily and frequently, but he said it hurt a bit differently.
we tried a pepcid ac which has always worked in one dose. about 2 1/2 hours later the pain was worse, but he had been laying down and that can be a no-no with a bad case of heart burn, so we tried another does of the pepsid
and in less than a half an hour the pain was worse and my happy bouncy little guy was pale and looked scared.
aortic aneurysms run in our family, and though they are rare in children, they do occur.
i checked web md's list of symptoms, and he did not seem to have many of them
but something was going on that i could not find an answer to.
all i could think about was what if i did not make the right decision soon enough?
so off the the hospital we went.
the diagnosis: costochondritis. inflamation of the cartilage joining the ribs to the breast bone. it is not dangerous, but can be very, very painful. they see it quite a bit in teens according to the e.r. doc.

all i can say is thank you God that my little guy is ok!
so now we are home, it is 2:30 in the morning and everybody is wide awake, the motrin max was given has kicked in and relieved a bit of the pain, and i am sure he feels better knowing he is ok and as i type this i can hear the boys in their room playing video games and from the hooping and hollaring i would say they are having a blast......i have never been more thankful for all of that noise at 2:30 in the morning...............
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Karen Ouellette said...

Hi there, I came acros your site through my friend Sally Turlingtons blog ~ I've had "Costo" before and was hospitalized for over a week with it ~ feels like your having a heart attack if I had to describe it! So glad to hear your sweeet son will be okay now ~ Blessings, Karen Ouellette (Love your creations!)

Artist's Block Studios - Christine Alane 2005 said...

thank you karen for your note!

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