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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

be back soon

i am starting to have arting withdrawls.....hope to have pics of new jewels soon.....just sent my middle guy off to spend a week at mark twain lake with a friend's family, this will be the longest and furthest he has ever been away from home.  i am nervous but so far i am holding up better than i thought i would.  i have been  pulling weeds, pulling weeds, and rearranging perennials,and pruning trees.

 next week i will be painting bedrooms before school starts up again in a couple of weeks, wanting to give all of us a new fresh clean start for the new school year.  still have to do school supply shopping, this year i cleaned out the school supply cabinet and took inventory BEFORE we went shopping! we have hundreds of colored pencils, no 2 lead pencils, markers, pens and paper and when i told the kids this year we shop from home first my oldest who is going to be a senior looked at me with would think i told her she was going to have to dumpster dive for her school supplies!!!!!  she is a late bloomer when it comes to the whole teenage baditude thing, we have been lucky...she is the most wonder daughter any mom could ask for .......but i think she must have been a princess in her former life some days.

 i am also still doing some major spring cleaning, rearranging, reorganizing.  my foyer closet is now so clean and organized that my youngest hid in the closet for the first time in 4.....maybe 5 years, i should probably be embarrassed but it is so exciting!!!!!!!  i keep opening the doors and looking at how neat it is!!!  what can i say, it does not take much to make this arty girl happy!    i have probably 20 jackets to donate to charity in various sizes.  i am hoping my hubby will not realize a couple are missing until they are llloooonnnnngggg  gone.  keep your fingers crossed!!!!!    once the spring cleaning is complete....i am hoping in about 3 weeks......then there will be the dreaded GArAge sALe....after the last one we had i swore i would never have another, but with all the stuff i am clearing out it is going to be worth it.  right?  please say it will be worth it......

somewhere in there i will fit in some art.  i have notes upon notes of new ideas just waiting to be created and i am feeling like a junky who is in need of a fix big time.  if only they made an art patch for those tween times when life gets in the way of studio time!

right now i am off for some promised snuggle time and movie watching with our youngest who has had a very not so fun summer this year at all, and to make it worse his brother and sister have had the best summer ever with friends.  

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The Minimalist said...

I save 3:00 to 4:00 to paint and sketch in the evenings while hanging out. As you know from my Minimalistic Lifestyle blog, the more things you can do to simplify your household;, the more time you'll have for yourself. So you're doing the right things! Garage sales can be a big waste of time or they can be a big hit. I once made $50.00 on one, $500, on another and $1000 on my last one. It all depends on what you have to sell.( Musical instruments, and tools are big.) Be sure to advertise and get some neighbors to join you if you can. That brings more people out. Good Luck!

How did your art show go? I did my first one on Saturday at an event with live rock bands and I sold a framed print, a framed original, a matted print and two cards. IT's not a huge amount, but I feel really great about it, especially because it was a rock crowd. I'm taking part in a gallery showing this Saturday. I hope I'll sell more.

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