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Saturday, July 29, 2006

meteor shower

last night bill and i sat outside to watch the meteor shower........he was soooo exhausted from not sleeping well all week, and i think as much as the extra money would help out we both secretly were glad he did not get asked to work overtime this weekend. we both sat ourselves down, and wiggled into a comfortable position, each using one chair to sit on and one to prop our tired legs upon.

in my world of being hearing impaired, it has its disadvantages, but it has one beautiful advantage......when i have my hearing aids in, the sounds of the outdoors are like bold colors from an artists palate that are each thrown on to a canvas, when i remove my hearing aids the sounds of the crickets, frogs, and the occasional owls, coyotes, turkeys, neighborhood dogs, cars, all become beautifully blended, one into the other, all of them becoming muted colors of their former selves and it becomes the most beautiful symphony of sound that seems to almost immediatly erase all of stress of the day and make you feel at peace down to the deepest, darkest places of your soul.

so here we sat, bill falls asleep almost as soon as he get comfortable, i poke him and tell him how uncomfortable he looks, and being his wonderfully sweet self says he wants to be outside with me and he is just fine, then begins to snore. we came out at 10:45, the peak for the shower is between 1am and 4 am......., i am bound and determined to see as many shooting stars as i can.........the first 45 minutes go by and and i start thinking that maybe the meteor shower we saw 2 weeks ago that was not listed as a 2006 shower on any websites schedule was it.....afterall these things do not have calendars and watches, maybe it came early, and maybe we should just pack it in and go is kind of chilly, i am tired, bill is all crunched up in his chair setup, and my rls (restless leg syndrome) is acting up pretty bad and it actually feeling quite painful at times.........and as usual....i gotta pee......again.........then i decide i will wait just a bit longer, afterall the peak times to watch are from 1 - 4 i go in and get a blanket and come back out, i look up to the sky and say quietly to myself ' if both of these businesses i am starting up are going to be as successful as everyone thinks and i hope please send me a sign God and send me just 1 shooting star'........... within minutes i see 2 of them! until 12:30 we see only a couple more, and then my good friend denise calls, she and her hubby FINALLY got their power back, after it was out for 9 days, and the storm that caused everyone to lose power also, they discover, killed their air conditioner........what a letdown for them, but at least they have electricity now for fans, so now the horrid heat can be she and i talk about our day, and at the end of the conversation she says 'i hope you get to see lots of your shooting stars' and i agree and we hang up. with that i look up and i see one, two, three........ten......eleven......twelve...over the next hour. what a wonderful friend's wish was heard by the heavens. every time i see a shooting star it takes my breath away, just as if it was the first one i had ever seen. i think of just how small we are in comparison to this event, and what a spectacular thing it is to witness such a wonderfully big thing. i am a science geek at heart after all. when you think of the journey that meteor has made through our universe, how many bazillions of miles and light years it has traveled, its size, and that we are witnessing its' death as it burns up entering our atmosphere.

after that things slowed a bit and i dozed off here and there and finally decided to pack it in, afterall we have a busy day ahead, and i am SLEEPING IN, after a full week of max being back in school! so i am off to start a day of searching for just the right stuff to put together to sell, and tonight i will sit outside again and hopefully get to watch another one of the universe's beautiful light shows.

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