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Years ago I started this blog with a mindset and goals that I have found have changed direction over time. I am excited to say that this blog has a new name.....Nest Feathers and Twine. I hope you come by and visit often. Feel free to get comfortable and kick off your shoes and join me on this journey of metamorphosis.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I borrowed Uncle Bud's hat and pants..........

Uncle Bud's ATC came about because I needed his hat and pants for paperdoll I am putting together from bits and pieces from a few different pictures. After I cut the hat and pants out of this photo I thought what a shame to throw away the rest of this copy, and then my muse spoke to me! I used the stencil technique that Sarah Fishburn did in her demo at Redlead last week! Posted by Picasa


Becky said...

Christine! This is a hoot! I love this! I hate to say it, but I think I like it more than the Mickey ATC and that's saying a lot. Becky

ntuart said...

As usual, Becky you always make me smile when you leave me a note! I made additional copies of this one.....want one? :)


♥ joleen ♥ said...

This is great! :)

sarah said...

i LOVE what you did!!! tres clever!

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