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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

ice/snow storm of 2011

I have to say that we are blessed.  and for that I am so grateful.

we were looking at up to an inch of ice possible and up to 2 feet of snow at one point of this storm.

we now have at least 4 inches of sleet, and just a bit of freezing rain fell. 

they thought the worst was to come this evening into tomorrow.   it seems that the storm is not going to whip around to give us the larger amount of snow accumulation originally called for.  i secretly hid my disappointment in this change in snow accumulation expectation, only to find later that others here in household also felt let down. 

keep in mind we all groaned with great disapproval over the news of this same impending storm a few days earlier.

sunday evening we ran to walmart to buy groceries, a couple of boxes of fire logs, flashlights, and a few more candles.  the store was stripped bare and the parking lot looked like black friday part II. 

this evening bill and max ventured out, not with my seal of approval.  i can live without milk for a day or two.  the roads are pretty much a mess, but on the bright side walmart is fully stocked again.

before the storm began the predictions were beyond scary.   all the what ifs seem to race through my mind.

what if.....we lose power, the trees come crashing down, bill does not make it home from work in time.  what if, what if, what if. 

all you can do is prepare the best you can.

yesterday was the end of the  month.   the hubs works first shift, but on the last day of the month he can work as late as midnight.  that is past the clock out time of second shift. 

last night when bill was on his way home he came across a homeless gentleman.  he gave the man some money and the man was genuinely grateful.   over the weekend bill and the boys saw several homeless people in the city when they went to a car show. 

my thoughts have turned repeatedly to those who are not so fortunate to have shelter, and warmth, and food, and for that matter knowledge of what was looming in the near future.  how many did not know what was coming, therefore not giving them time to find proper shelter.  

the thought of losing power seemed a bit less concerning, we would still have shelter and a means of creating warmth. 

in an effort to document our experience in this 'history making storm' as it has been called for days now i began snapping photos, and it seems a shame to let them go to waste. 

 monday 3:30 freezing rain

 tuesday 1:30, sleet, sleet and more sleet

 a splash of color....our yard cardinal came out of hiding long enough for me to snap a photo.
 steph's foot prints in the sleet.  as of tuesday at 4:30 we have a 4 inches of this firmly packed stuff.

 with the threat of freezing rain no longer i can relax and take a minute to appreciate the beauty of icy branches.

they are still calling for a few inches of snow overnight and through out tomorrow.  originally we were expecting up to 2 feet, so i guess time will tell what it to come.

this grateful arty girl is off  to go do and be arty.

be safe and warm.


sleep tight.

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